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STRANGWAY. What I did to Tam Jarland is not the real cause of what you're
doing, is it? I understand. But don't be troubled. It's all over. I'm going--you'll get
some one better. Forgive me, Jarland. I can't see your face--it's very dark.
FREMAN'S Voice. [Mocking] Wait for the full mune.
GODLEIGH. [Very low] "My 'eart 'E lighted not!"
STRANGWAY. [starting at the sound of his own words thus mysteriously given
him out of the darkness] Whoever found that, please tear it up! [After a moment's
silence] Many of you have been very kind to me. You won't see me again--Good-
bye, all!
[He stands for a second motionless, then moves resolutely down into the
darkness so peopled with shadows.]
UNCERTAIN VOICES AS HE PASSES. Good-bye, zurr! Good luck, zurr! [He
has gone.]
CLYST'S VOICE. Three cheers for Mr. Strangway!
[And a queer, strangled cheer, with groans still threading it, arises.]