A Billion Deaths Defied HTML version

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ISBN: 978-0-9885254-0-5
Cover photos from NASA
Chapter 1
Prelude to a Secret Mission
Chapter 2
Training for the Mission
Chapter 3
The Way to War
Chapter 4
The Heat is On
Chapter 5
The Mission
Chapter 6
Defying Death
Chapter 7
The Next Nuclear Disaster
Chapter 8
Promoting Sanity
Chapter 9
Another Nuclear Dash
Chapter 10
DC on the Brink
Chapter 11
In the Eye of a Storm
Chapter 12
The Past Returns
Chapter 13
Nuclear Misdirection
Chapter 14
Two Realities
Chapter 15
Calculating A Billion Deaths Defied
Chapter 16
The World in the Balance
Chapter 17
Personal Death March
Chapter 18
The Death March Continues
Chapter 19
American Dream
Chapter 20
The Ultimate Conflict
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Another Perspective
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
A Billion Deaths Defied
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