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This book is meant to be studied and freely shared widely with the purpose of helping to restore the US economy and its government of/by/for the people. To reproduce or review any part of this book you must have the same purpose and present your alternative proposals when you negatively critique any part off this book. Otherwise you may not reproduce any part of my original work shown here. Positive reviews with or without proposed improvements may reproduce any part of this book.

ISBN-13 978-0-9794932-1-8

November 2010

This book is dedicated to my 11 grandchildren: Nathaniel, Leilani, Emily, Phoenix, Eli, Matt, Cole, Laura, Dean, Adele, and Charlotte; my nine children: Chris, Danielle, Kathleen, Spencer, Aaron, Shaun, Stephanie, Jeremy, and Jacob; and their mates: Rose, Dave, Robert, Bridget, Becky, Kerri, and Boyce; and to my wife, Donna. I love you all.

In Memory of:
Lt. Vincent E. Duffy Jr. USA who lost his life in Viet Nam in 1969 love ya too, Vince

Table of Contents Pg Introduction 3
Chapter 1 Extending the Dream 17
Chapter 2 The Economy
Capitalism and plight of 47

the American family

Chapter 3 Federal Budget/ Social Security/ Health Care Chapter 4 The New Model for Markets
Chapter 5 Religion 122
Chapter 6 Wars 145 a. Involving US Armed Forces c. Against Drugs b. Against Terror d. Secret
Chapter 7 Democracy, Corporatocracy, 155 Constitution, Voting, and Elections
Chapter 8 Justice and the Start of Real Tyranny 177
Chapter 9 Energy Policy 230
Chapter 10 The Root Of The Problem 245
Chapter 11 Prioritizing Solutions 257
Chapter 12 Summary 264 Appendices 277 A Beautiful Mind with a Big Mouth

a web book
by John C. Dean


I have good news and bad news. I know how to solve America’s problems, only to get support I need for the readers to clear a few hurdles (mental hurdles). You know how a person may have great ideas individually, but if you put all of his ideas together, fewer people will agree with his body of ideas. Well, we have this problem with America. There are quite a few things that need to be fixed and some history rewritten. How to get the reader past the first few ideas is my dilemna.

In math it’s easy to demonstrate the above hypothesis on multiple ideas. If 60% of people like an idea then the probability that some new person will like the idea is .6, the same as the average number who like it. If another 60% like a second idea the probability of being in the group that likes that idea is also .6. The probability of being in both groups for the above two disconnected ideas is the product of the individual probabilities or .6 X .6 = .36 , and if another 60% like a third idea, and so on to ten ideas, then the probability of being in all 10 groups and agreeing with all 10 disconnected ideas is the product of the individual probabilities or

10 = .6 times itself 10 times = .006 (or 1 in 160)

for a series of disconnected ideas, the fellowship behind these 10 ideas is small. If the ideas were platform positions of a given party, then the probability of agreement on all ideas would be much higher because they are related ideas, but still less than 60%. (If the probabilities of the 10 things are each different then the answer is just the product of all of the probabilities). This is why politicians will tend to be swishy on issues. There are only a few people out there who agree with all of their ideas. So they only mention a few here and there. They do not want to alienate any possible voters.

Well I don’t want to alienate any readers, but I have to talk about multiple problems and multiple fixes. So I ask you to lower your guards and travel through my book with the open mind as an explorer. You’re just a disinterested third party living your life and there’s nothing I can say that will change that and you know that you don’t have to agree with anything I say. And there is no test at the end. And my science is mostly intuitive, so I don’t think I’m pushing any envelopes. In economic solutions I find less expensive ways of doing things, or different missions, and it’s obvious how the budgets can shrink in the process. I’m not an economic wizard but I can track dollars rippling through the economy and prove some simple points using my own intuitive models. I know how a “hot trigger” issue like abortion settles it all and pin points the loser; or nuclear war, (Goldwater


1964). I’m full of those. So just sit back and relax and read the words of the “Don Rickles” of science who’s grown a bit crusty in his old age. I will, with schizophrenic ease hop to some pretty pictures I painted or some lousy poetry, or tell a disgusting story, but it’s all for fun and it’s for free.

On the other side of alienation when the people are in favor of something by a huge majority and politics makes the outcome against them, then the government has not represented the wishes of the people. It is not FOR the people. Speaking hypothetically then, some person “OF the people” can get the job to make it

“BY the people”, but his view is so extreme, that when he forces it on us, a huge majority of the people become upset with him. To me this seems like a breech of our constitution, our democracy, and is a government that does not serve or act “FOR the people”. Now the perpetrator might argue that the people don’t know what’s good for them. But it’s pretty clear in today’s world that this politician doesn’t understand insane behavior from sane behavior. You see, we have this huge debt; it grows by a huge deficit every year, aiming us toward bankruptcy & self destruction. Isn’t this insane behavior? We need to develop a surplus in the budget and start paying down the debt, and, instead, we’re going in the opposite direction quicker than ever before. We bailed out the banking and stock market perpetrators, who caused the crash of the economy; is this also possibly insane behavior? And we did it with 700 billion dollars of borrowed money against the credit of the people of the US; insane behavior? (and a big slap in the face of “We the People”?). We’re passing time while surging further into debt and making enemies abroad with our wars; wouldn’t this be considered insane behavior for a peaceful nation? Our wars strengthen oil domination, rather than save us from oil domination and the pollution of the planet, insane behavior? In our economy there’s no balance between the rich and the poor; the rich get richer and the poor get poorer (and have little hope), isn’t this insane behavior for a happy prosperous country? How could a president, a servant of the people, miss these basic truths so badly? I don’t know. If he had made himself known on these issues before the election, would he have been elected? Hhhmmmmm? Wouldn’t it be better to know what they stood for and be able to recall them quickly when they committed such costly errors? And if they’re not working for the people, who are they working for? We’re really stifled in America by the system that’s killing us. It’s like that commercial for mattresses....you’re killing me, Larry! only it’s not funny like the commercial. Couldn’t we use some fixes here?

So the way it stands is: the candidate hides his true wishes and acts presidential and we vote him in and are stuck with him for his real unpopular and bad decisions. Or some other president may be real clear during the campaign and then go back on his strongest campaign positions after winning and negate in behavior what he had so strongly supported in the campaign; and, again, we’re still stuck with his turnabout and him for 4 years. Does this seem familiar in recent times with a continuation of the wars, and the continuation of a tax gift to the rich that doesn’t generate jobs, the bail out support to culprits, costing $1.2 trillion extra in

one year? I don’t know if I’m in a minority of thought, here, but it doesn’t seem to matter what party is in the White House or who has the majority in congress, the result seems the same; it is insane behavior and it is against the people; and it is characterized by withheld information and lies, extreme over reaction, stalemate in the congress, and lots of giveaways to large corporations (involved in war and international fraud (bad house bundling stock)). This is our

government and it is done within both political parties, or so it seems to me. It sends and keeps people to/at war in response to no provocation. This kills our young adults and strengthens the oil companies, the banks, and the defense industries, which make more money during war. War builds up national debt against the people. War also alienates the nations of the world as our nation acts like a bully, carrying war into other peoples’ countries without being invited. War sacrifices our precious children without real need. This is what it looks like to me when I dispassionately stand back and look at it and try to understand it. Wouldn’t you agree? Of course, TERROR, can make one so fearful that a little negative projection and 22 tent wandering hoodlums with box cutters cause 2 wars and a 200,000 man government department (Homeland Security) to spring up out of nowhere. So tell me, do you think that is the appropriate response? I’ve watched carpet guys work with their carpet knives (which go through carpet like butter), and I’ll bet our 22 carpet guys could take those box cutter guys hands down. So you’ll agree with me here? Our leaders are acting insane and they are killing us (in their insane wars) and bankrupting us, and their negative projection is way overdone, by orders of magnitude (many factors of ten). So, we need to change even quicker while we’re aiming toward national bankruptcy so much quicker. Right? OK thanks. I’m glad we’re still together here.

While I am not at the top of any field of endeavor, I may be the overall best in certain combinations of skills. I know we’re all unique in some way and special/precious, as I see it, cause we’re all human beings, endowed by our creator with those inalienable rights we Americans believe in. In this sense we’re all part of the brotherhood/sisterhood of human kind. So while I am unique, and you are too; neither of us wants to die from terminal uniqueness. One of my talents is that I am able to simplify things sometimes when I know of facts that are irrefutable or so probable, I’d bet my life on it. I do understand that people (and especially attorneys in a tough argument) will try to divert thinking to something less important, try to sway thought with emotional appeal, change the subject, ignore what was said, stack the deck, or use bad logic in trying to sway people to their point. One ploy might be to look at my 10 points that support my argument and bring ridicule or laughter to one of my points in some cute way, and then challenge the voracity of the other 9 points without further ado, by association. Their efforts here are entertaining but they are not logical in any scientific way. Decision making with cuteness and laughter and disregard for 9 out of 10 points is extremely risky. Why not use straight talk, simple logic, deductive logic that clearly traces cause and effect. The process of deductive logic (where a premise is irrefutably linked to the conclusion) is the best way of tracing thought for accuracy

and truth.Sometimes a simple point will be irrefutable and, as a premise, the conclusions derived from that premise, using
deductive logic, are true.
In this book I ask you to identify your irrefutable

facts. Trace these points of truth and their implications, yourself, and, I believe, you will draw similar conclusions to mine. Be sure to lock in the truths and build a tough truthful skeleton of your understanding to work around for the meat of your solution, always being true to the skeleton and not swayed by smoke and mirrors and paltry side arguments and laughter. This is my scientific approach. A statement like “a person in his position would never pick a patsy for a presidential lone assassin and disregard the physical and testimonial evidence supporting a conspiracy” is not a good premise as it is a qualitative statement of someone’s character and cannot be quantified or proven. Besides we really can’t be assured of what other people would do under different circumstances. We can be confident, but not sure. But what I’m talking about here is as easy as looking at pictures and seeing the truths shown. I’ll show what I think are truths in pictures & I’ll write down what I think are hard facts in purple print. One truth would be ....In business there is conservation of the money if nobody printed or destroyed money within, nor transferred money in or out. Money doesn’t disappear on its own. The numbers have to add up. In the US economy if the poor end needs money to survive, then it is the rich end that must provide it for conservation of the money to be upheld. Where else would it come from?

As much as we’d all like the moral credentials of our government servants to increase with the level of their responsibility or authority, it simply is not true, nor an accepted premise. Piling up character witnesses on one side or the other doesn’t solve anything either in terms of the truth of the statement. It remains “not sure”. If physical and testimonial evidence exists that bears upon the issue, then their review and analysis would tend to either support or refute the premise. But what if physical evidence is altered or destroyed or missing or disregarded? If it is altered or destroyed or missing, then someone in the chain of possession has allowed this to happen, by accident or choice, and other evidence must be sought to detail the handling of the original evidence to try to clear up the facts and motives. If it is disregarded then it needs to be looked at for implications of how it would change the case if included, and if significantly, then it would be included and possibly a crime for those neglecting it in the first place. If witnesses are bought by the dozen to lie in unison to support a conclusion, then, we need to beware. Some cases might be big enough to affect outcomes in this way. The voracity of the witnesses is really important. Whatever the case, it seems to become a harder case, and more strung out when we have these problems. And cases involving missing, or distorted, or disregarded evidence invite more suspicion of conspiracy, which should invite more investigation, or so it seems to me. If witnesses die or are killed suddenly under strange circumstances when the investigation proceeds, this suggests a horrific conspiracy to hide the truth, which should invite even more investigation, or, perhaps, create fear to stifle investigation.

In this book, America faces many large problems and an important chunk of history is contested, and I’m offering solutions for all of this. So for me in this book, I need to identify the evidence, source, and go through the logic that I use in determining my position on problems/issues. I invite you along for the trip.

In our economy in recent years the banks and stock markets bundled real estate assets and created shares in those combined assets that forced a knot in the traceability of ownership, which kept the investors from garnishing the original collateral for their investments when markets fell apart. Each share might represent a splinter from each of 100,000 houses so bundled. But splinter parts of houses aren’t worth anything, so the properties should never have been allowed to be bundled in the first place. Nor should there be shares in a trust deed or note, again because the collateral is not divisible for even one house. Insurance against these assets and shares was leveraged by insurance companies who wanted full premium income for the full value of the assets without being able to cover only a fraction of what the assets were worth if they had to pay out. This hodgepodge of irreducible, over margined, under protected assets was doomed to failure from the beginning, and failure was additionally pushed by lenders who put properties in foreclosure within the bundles to precipitate failure, misrepresenting their true value. The properties couldn’t be sold fast enough so prices fell on the real estate. Then a lot of people owed more money on their houses than the properties were worth. This had been enabled by the financing companies because they let the market over inflate. By using comparable sales figures to appraise a property’s value, they created run away inflation (fast rising). To further complicate the problem these house financiers pushed variable rate mortgages to up the mortgage payments despite the fall in values, and despite the client’s credit. This forced people out of their homes because they could no longer afford house payments. Whatever credit they had got worse when they were foreclosed. Now a lot of people believe in “buyer beware” and thrust the responsibility of this on the consumer. But I contend that the lending market over extended itself on purpose (they’re not dummies) and passed the blame onto the buyer, who’s just trying to buy a house of his own to live in. So, many continue to pay exorbitant rates for a loan size twice the value of their property (after the fall). These are the people who are being hurt the worst in this crisis (in my opinion). Very few were able to refinance their loans at a lower size and lower fixed rate. What I don’t understand is how they sell bundles of real estate but continue collecting payments on the bundled home loans. Are they being paid twice for the same thing? They are a force very much larger than a single buyer and very much in control of the deal. The appraisers at the banks are very much responsible for signing off on the fast rise of property values in the first place. The lack of regulation on the loan industry then allowed the run away inflation on house values that cleared out everyone’s bank accounts who bought property during the upswing. Wisdom dictates a crash for this behavior and most investors are not aware of how to play it. Forcing a buyer to put more down on an over-inflated property is the cure for this problem. It may keep lower credit buyers out of the market until it calms down, but that’s a wiser course than to blow these people out of their homes and ruin their credit, just to make a fast buck at the finance office.

Those preaching the freedom of the market to do anything are supporting the shrewd fast dealing people who like to play the high risk money games against the slow thinkers and take their money (legally). Confuse them with legalese and lower starting rates when they’re moved to the variable rate loan at the last minute? The housing market serves a better purpose to house people than to be subject to the whims of high rolling gamblers and loan sharks with the variable interest rate loans and 18 page trust agreements in small print and legalese (that challenge the best borrowers just to understand them). Again, that’s just my opinion.

So the market crashed in the fall of 2008, and, the government bailed out the perpetrators, against the will of the people (as I understand it). Not being able to trace back the share to a physical equity asset disallowed the share holders from recovering what they paid for, US real estate. I believe the banks and stock market knew their risky practices would lead to a melt down somewhere down the road. They’re not dumb. It is my supposition that a shady plan was set up before the crash, and those who got out with a profit may be those who planned the giant scam and knew exactly when to get out. The bail-out was done so quickly and started by an unpopular departing president, endorsed by enough from both parties to make it pass quickly in congress and bang, $700 Billion dollars was lined up to go out the door (within a month) to bank and market perpetrators. I was shocked to see Democratic party leaders pushing for this gift for treacherous corporate bankers and marketeers. Usually republicans support big business. I also suspect a fraudulent complicity by the previous president and the members of congress and the current president who pushed for the passage of this legislation. I don’t know of anything so large going through congress so fast in our governments history. And there was no oversight on the use of the money. These are very suspicious happenings involving reckless use of the Peoples money and this behavior needs to stop and be retraced for criminal culpability, in my opinion.

The switching sides could be done to confuse the electorate and shift the blame between the two parties so that they may trade control of government, and always please big business (which owns both parties), while the voters are trying to figure

out who’s to blame.If one side was always to blame then the other side would be running the country and the people would
Shifting the blame allows industry to stay in control perpetually and

doesn’t allow the anger of the citizens to foment and gel on one party for the blame. I’d say we have a clever and conniving industry control and political party system. The main stream media is owned by a few big corporations with their top executives holding the power to control most of the nation’s news. I’ll bet that they conscientiously dumb down the news, but make it seem exciting with sound bites and dramatic pictures (of Hollywood sex scandals). I assert that on the bail out, they dumbed down the sound of a hornet’s nest.

So, I think we have many big problems that need a lot of good ideas and actions to fix it all. But who’s going to agree with so many

different “good” ideas? One in a hundred and sixty? Oh no!!!

This book is intended to problem solve America’s biggest problems, with ideas intended to work and to serve the people, all the people. What changes do we need to ensure our government is FOR the people? I have several ideas. Our government is too large, too inefficient, misdirected, self serving, and too expensive. It needs to be pruned a lot and made to respond for the people. I’d like to see a smaller, more efficient, more regulating, less warlike (way more peace like), and way less secretive government that guarantees reasonable medical service for all of its people, while balancing the budget, and paying down the national debt, not to mention forcing a change over to green technologies, that currently continues to get pushed to the back burner. I’d also like to see a better economy for the poor end of America’s citizen population, but not through increased welfare taxes and handouts. I’d rather see the business end and the wealthy business owners create better wages and more jobs capable of buying houses in a normal economy of the day. I will show how the market may be driven by industry to capitalize on the poor end’s high propensity to spend in a way that will make up for their own wages in a more bustling economy. I will explain, with simple intuitive models, market forces that truly drive the economy and those that don’t. I know that we need so many changes to help our nation operate better that I could never expect sufficient support to get it all done. But should I keep quiet? It doesn’t matter whether I have a beautiful mind or not. By sheer numbers of thoughts alone, I’m bound to create a lot of nay-sayers to what I write. The math has already shown that the odds of getting support for a bunch of different ideas are very low. The burden is on me to produce solutions that are right and serving, that are of use, that are logical and understandable, that are good for a lot of

people, that are true, and that are fair. While odds would have me as a man witha
beautiful mind and a big mouth (
at best), I expect to gather support for my good solutions and beat the odds. I really am for all Americans. I

have been a member over the years of each of the two larger political parties in America and I understand their thinking. I now have no affiliation. I am not afraid to tell the truth as I see it, and to continue to help as needed. I do not mean to hurt people with what I say (although I do identify some big suspects). I also understand how people tend to be defensive in support of their pet ideas and feel hurt when they hear opposing views. I don’t mean it personally. I ask for your

indulgence and an objective review and fair analysis. I’ve come to understand for myself that I will not change for the better until I give a “different thought” a fair hearing.Until then I’ll just believe in the same old thoughts. I think this is true of everyone.So I ask you to do the same thing and look at

the big picture and weigh the importance of your pet ideas in correct proportion to the big ideas we need for a national and world fix. I believe that my ideas will fix our problems and should be acceptable to more than 90% of our people. So I hope to end up just another beautiful mind in America who spoke out at the right time, the assertive guy, and not the guy who didn’t study it, but yelled like crazy for his pet wants (the guy with the big mouth). Please hang in there with me and prove to yourself that you do not have contempt prior to investigation, even in areas you accept as gospel. I probably shouldn’t, but I even go there. In any case, we’re out of sorts so let’s fix the government and economy to serve us. We are the people the Constitution talks about, and the government is supposed to be of us, by us, and for us; but it isn’t. So let’s get to work.

What I bring to the table is my gift for solving complex problems from a systems point of view (big picture) pretty quickly. I develop my opinions from facts, as I go along. I am a systems engineer, with two degrees in electrical engineering, a veteran, and have about 11 years experience in systems engineering with the government/military. As an officer in the United States Air Force (’69-’72) I became quite knowledgeable in Satellite Communications for the military at UHF and SHF frequencies and developed a proof on how to use residual terminal and satellite assets of the joint services for maximum service to high level national and military users in 1969. I was then transferred to help design, build, and run a control center for scheduling and monitoring these important circuits for high level users with the use of my theory. After the service I ended up at the Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC) in San Diego where I joined a team to work on the feasibility of using EHF frequencies for military satellite communications users. I was the assistant project manager and test director and


took our terminal to sea to prove feasibility. From the start I identified the need to control terminal transmit power to fulfill operational objectives. With our better understanding of the problem at the time the Navy chose us as the lead laboratory for this development, instead of the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC. It was a success. Then I was given a project of my own to study the possibility of an optical space communications broadcast system which I did in 3 months for $50K. It was the first system study of its kind using optical technology. A year long industry study followed at the cost of 1 million dollars and it essentially agreed with my paper (EO Concepts for Strategic Communications, SECRET, Dean et al, approx 1977, NOSC Tech Report). I also produced a strategic vulnerability study that gave guidance for future developments with a simple guideline on how to win the cold war (The H----- /SURVSATCOM System Vulnerability Study, SECRET NOFORN) at about the same time. In 1980 I quit engineering to become an artist. Since then I’ve been a self employed artist. I am a man of faith and I am grateful

for many things. It’s ok if you aren’t. I am a family man.
I speak English first, and am semi-fluent in Spanish, second. My wife and I have 9 grown children between us. Seven of our children have partners and the married children have 11 kids altogether so far. We love them all. My wife and I play music together and sing. I play the guitar. We like to travel; we like leisurely fishing by a lake. Check out Lower Twin Lake (my painting at left) in the Mammoth Lakes just below Mammoth Mountain in the Sierras in California, one of our favorite fishing spots. We can play parlor games and some simple video games, and we can

solve puzzles. We have a date together at least once a week. We like to eat out and also cook a bit. I make a terrific mesquite grilled filet on the backyard grill. We


enjoy the movie theater, amusement parks, art shows, walking on the beach etc. I guess we’re just regular people. My philosophy is “live and let live”, let other people have and live by their beliefs, as long as it does not impinge on my or my family’s freedoms or the freedoms of my fellow citizens granted by my country.

My spirit is strong and I want to help my nation and the world. I also expect to paint, tinker with little projects, love my wife and family, hang out with my friends for fun and spiritual growth, travel, and continue to play music and sing, God willing and the creek don’t rise. I see life as an adventure. I celebrate life. I started social security at 62 yrs old in late November, 2007, and started reading. The discoveries I’ve made since that time have driven me to produce this book. Wouldn’t you know; I get into serious study again after I retire. This would be my legacy. I think I may be near the top of my game right now in terms of whatever wisdom I may have gathered in my life, plus my ability to look at and understand new things, and my ability to associate ideas in my thinking, with my use of deductive logic, and in my writing skills. I am producing and publishing this book myself (I have no sponsors). That’s why the first printing is small. I do not need or want fame or fortune. The internet offering of this book is free as a download. I have good self esteem and gratitude for what God has already given me, so this effort is purely a gift, with the intent of helping my fellow human beings. I love every day I work on this. It’s food for my spirit. Let’s set the gage on our thinking and get started.

Despite our problems I have a positive dream for America and the world’s potential, how things could be, and I have ideas to get us there. While I have to look at problems, I want to get stuck in the solutions, the positive side of all problems. Let’s start by looking for where we might find some problems. Let’s look at the American economy a bit and the distribution of wealth; capitalism and

the rat race. I’d like to look at health care, the national budget, and national debt (and where it comes from). How about a peek at social security? What are we doing in defense? Does religion need any fixing? I need to look at prejudice. I need to look at voting processes.

Boy, am I nosey!

I need to look at government processes. I need to look at the JFK assassination and what followed. I need to understand America’s wars: (abroad, drugs, terror), and our security. I want to understand the full blight of the poor and the inertia holding them down. Why are there so many gangs in America? I want to improve justice in America. What do we do about illegal immigration? I want to look at 911 and Homeland security. I want to look at the oil companies and at foreign policy. I want to look at the automotive business in America. I want to look at renewable energy. I want to brain storm solutions for energy and transportation. I want to help reduce pollution and global warming. As Senor Wences’ puppet in the box used to say on the Ed Sullivan Show, ...........“I am not afraid”.

I’m sure we can do better in all of these areas. We can do this and make America a better place for all. While I am intelligent, I am not the top student of any of the areas I address. So I fully expect better answers from others within the system design I present for a solution. I show an excellent integrated solution to a lot of problems, and the individual solutions should work and not exclude each other. If you have objections to an approach, I understand; please set the problem aside to give a fair hearing to the other solutions, and take what you see as agreeable, and leave the rest. Rather than get angry at points you disagree with and dismiss my other ideas or my whole book, please get behind the ones you do agree with and offer those to family and friends with your improvements. Try and get the gist of all the solutions we need to get back on track for our people and the rest of the world. Our government has proven to me that they can’t or won’t fix problems in a reasonable fashion, on their own. Their employees are understandably afraid to rock the boat, for fear of losing their jobs. So we need to fix it for them and us .No one is accepting responsibility for the nation’s rush toward bankruptcy. So I demand a surplus now to pay down the debt and stop the sprint toward bankruptcy. With a $1.3T deficit, harsh changes in the federal budget and taxation are required. There’s no way around it. The numbers have to produce a surplus. If workers are helped, this is on top of the turnaround needed. Keep track of the numbers.

The order of chapters is set to give us hope despite our problem areas, (Chapter 1 Extending The Dream), and then cycle thru the major areas with the facts, plus a closer look at a possible solution. You may be surprised by my sense of what the core of the problem is, and why we are so stifled in our political and economic quagmire. And you may also be taken back by some of the simple solutions. I believe in a brotherhood of mankind, and that we are all created equal, and our differences are exaggerated by our egos.

Why don’t we take a short break. We have a lot of work to do so let’s be sure to take little breaks and relax a bit here and there. Chill with some silly story or poem, and look at some pretty pictures; here’s a couple of my PG limericks.

The Royal Bastard

I heard that a bulldog from Prague did the royal pug in the fog. The keeper was late to stop the gestate and the crown kennel staff was agog. So raise up your cup to the bug-eyed pup who’s now living high on the hog.


There once was a man from Duluth Who hit far more homers than Ruth Or that’s what he claimed At the end of the game
So Babe came and knocked out his tooth.

Art Anyone? Here’s my Sunset Blvd, where I painted my oldest daughter driving the ’66 Pontiac Catalina we owned when we brought her home from the hospital at Scott AFB in the late 60s. Oh, then on the next page there’s the real Catalina, Catalina Island off the coast of southern California. I climbed the hill to get the view I wanted, to do this painting. Isn’t that Elvis at Graceland, handing out Caddies...... to you? I thought Elvis died in 1977. Well he did, but I still love him and imagine Elvis living on in recovery, keeping his humor and great generosity. Huh Huh Huh.....Oh Yeeeeeaahhhhh.

00004.jpg00005.jpgCatalina Day


00006.jpgThe Nature Of The Man


A lot of God’s kids (black, brown, white, all races, Jews and gentiles and others) are holding hands and singing “Almost Free At Last, Almost Free At Last; Thank God Almighty, We’re Almost Free At Last”. I’d like to extend the dream.


Indoors we consume only about 20 percent of all the energy used in the average household. Around 70 percent is used for space and water heating.
http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/res/Education_in_BLM/Learning_Landscapes/For_T eachers/science_and_children/energy/index/energy7.html

I envision a day soon when American homes are built with solar panel roofs that absorb and transfer heat into the house (through water circulation to the roof during the day and heat storage indoors) and provide for the house’s electrical power from adjacent solar cell arrays. Maybe foot paths are interspersed with the solar arrays and the heat absorptive panels to allow for any maintenance needs on the roof. Insulation of the overhead would typically be in the ceiling joists below the panels. Some batteries for operation at night might possibly be stored in a battery room or garage with the appropriate isolation from the house as needed for safety.

In the garage maybe a spare rack of batteries is under charge during the day to replace the set from the Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle PHEV that was driven to work that day or be used that night at the house. In the hybrid mode the car gets 50 miles per gallon, and in the electric mode, operating in the optimum 20-60% of full charge gives the electric mode 16 miles between charges at around 100miles/gallon in equivalent cost of electric energy to $3/gal gas. The combination, for a 40 mile round trip commute would save 70% of the US’ gas use compared to the average car/light truck of the day at 21mpg, if all drivers had the PHEV; see Ch 9. The family is almost totally energy self sufficient for the house and for transportation to/from work. They are connected to the grid for back-up and power at night (if they do not have battery back-up), and they are paid by the power company for what they provide to the grid in excess over that taken for use, in consideration of when the energy is taken vs. given (respecting peak use periods).

The car battery rack is able to disconnect with help from within the car (anti


theft and safety catch) and from a floor jack put under the car by the user. It is taken over to the charging station in the garage, offloaded with mechanical assistance, and the freshly charged rack is placed back on the jack to be moved to the car for insertion. The time taken should be comparable to a fill up at the local gas station.

The house meanwhile, would be well insulated (ceilings, walls, floors, and windows). Maybe a smaller gas heater and Air Conditioner (because of the good insulation and air sealing) would adjust for comfort during weather extremes. Placement of the water heater would be indoors in a convenient location to take advantage of inside insulation and warmth plus house layout efficiency (sensitive to distance to transport the hot water to the various spots where it was needed). The central solar water storage tank, working with the roof solar collectors, would decouple from the roof at night to conserve the heat indoors. The water tank inside the solar tank would provide preheated water to the commercial water heater that is near the end user. See Ch 9. A good triple user design for closeness to the water

heater is shown at left below. In terms of exit plumbing, toilet water would be plumbed to the street, as currently done, while all other uses would be plumbed into an underground tank on the property for processing, and reuse on outdoor plants. So shower and bath water, dishwashing water, laundry water, and every sink in the house, would supply a processing & filtering apparatus to a tank, using gravity feed, and water in the tank would be pumped to the outdoor plants by the outdoor

landscape watering system. This would help water conservation. Maybe city underground cisterns could be integrated into communities over time and street drains diverted to them for collecting rain and watering community landscape projects (schools, parks).

Conserving water needs to be on our agenda for the future. Refrigerator designs


might look at a horizontal design with 2-3top doors, to keep the ping pong balls (cold air molecules) in the fridge when the door is open. Maybe lift up peep doors in the center of the (lockable) lift up top doors would allow for access near the center of each top door, for better child safety and better insulation (see brain storm sketch (at left).

Imagine the family rushing to look for the popsicles. The fridge and the water heater use energy in a house on a continuous basis, so efficiency improvements are welcomed. The Sun Frost RF-12 and RF-16 demonstrate the lowest energy use for comparable size refrigerators in the current market,
http://www.sunfrost.com/refrigerator_models.html (171-254kwhrs per year). There may not be a need to use top opening refrigerators in the house. But the concept is presented anyway as an easy and efficient approach to cooling food in a house.


I envision a time when the defense department is cut 65% and thereafter trickled down more to maintain a more reasonable fighting power, more like only two times what other large western nations maintain, and not the “fix it everywhere for everybody” military of an imperialist super power nation that dominates and looks strong (while dieing from debt accumulation within). I envision the recall of all American troops in foreign nations except those attached to the American embassies abroad and those used for United Nations missions. I envision the removal of “dirty tricks type” intelligence operatives everywhere. And I envision their restoration as the perceptive eyes and ears of America around the world. I envision an intelligence apparatus of 10,000 or so vs. the current 200,000 personnel with internal separate compartment review. The Washington Post’s spy reporter Walter Pincus can’t contain his excitement: The United States spent $75 billion over the past year to finance worldwide intelligence operations that employ 200,000 people, according to an unprecedented disclosure by the nation’s top intelligence official. Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair disclosed the figures while introducing his four-year national intelligence strategy during a morning conference call with reporters.



I understand he was fired since then, by Obama. Thanks for opening your mouth, Dennis, and letting us hear a little truth.

I envision a constitutional amendment for a balanced US budget with a planned surplus to pay down the national debt held by foreign nations first. I envision a significant emergency fund for the president to deploy and return home military strike teams for military missions in support of the United Nations, and military accompanying teams for US aid support to US and foreign disaster relief, but no unilateral preemptive strikes on another nation. I envision the elimination of any debt the government owes itself, since the people should not pay for the same thing twice. With this, Social Security (SS) would be funded slightly positive each year, but not with a planned surplus that the government usurps for other use and then claims that the tax payer should replenish it back to social security (and they put the amount into the national debt against the people to accomplish this). This current accounting allows the government to collect an excess SS, spend it elsewhere, and then put the bill back on the taxpayers to make up the surplus they already gave. This accounting is ludicrous. Pay into SS for what is needed for that year, and keep the surplus where it belongs, in the pockets of the people for their good economy.
MAKE NO SURPLUS FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO SUCK ON TWICE. Imagine putting your savings in a bank and the bank later tells you they spent it, and that you need to replenish it to the bank, who will, then, agree to owe you something later when they approve of your retirement under whatever program they happen to have at the time. I’d say the bank robbed you 3 times: once for the money you put in that they spent, once for the loan they said you took out without getting the money, and one more time for the interest they didn’t pay you, while using your money and agreeing to pay you whatever they want, when they decide.

I realize that SS is like a chain letter to begin with, but it shouldn’t be made any worse by this over taxing and phony debt accumulation way of accounting. I would extend the range of SS taxable income to the very top so

that all citizens paid the same small percentage of their total income to SS, with the exception of those whose income was below subsistence. I would tax all income, not just wages, and the percentage chosen would be the one needed to make the SS and Medicare budget for the year. There would be reductions in the SS and Medicare budgets in advance of this new way of taxing for SS. This would solve the Social Security System problems now and in the out years, and shift more of the burden to the very rich who can afford to help (but at the same percent taxation on income for this tax as all other Americans). If there was a surplus, use it to buy back paper from foreign nations to lower our debt abroad, and if there was a deficit, issue a few more government bonds to get the cash needed. On the average with decent budgeting it should average out as cash and carry (with insignificant surplus or deficit).

When I was in the Air Force back in the seventies, there was an incentive to spend all you got in the budget each year so you wouldn’t be under-funded the next year. I knew of a high level civil servant at the Headquarters of the Air Force Communications Service who bought expensive inter office video systems at the headquarters to use up funds. I would budget as needed and penalize for such unneeded expenditures.

In research and development within the Civil Servant system, where I worked for about 8 years, the system was top heavy with GS-14s working as senior engineers. These engineers got their 14s by managing a big program at one time, but when they returned to the general work force they kept their grade. I’d allow temporary promotions to those above GS-12 as a rule. I’d set rules for what work warrants GS-13,14,15...etc position pay. I’d pay the pay as along as they were doing the work of the grade level they’re paid at. But if a project ended and they were returned to engineering or administrative status, I’d pay them as senior engineers, near the top of the GS-12 pay range. An exception to this rule would be allowed for scientists who consulted on big programs all the time and whose consulting was essential to the programs success. I’d tend to pay project managers and their project engineers more than administrative engineers within a given division or directorate so that I’m paying for the people working on the project and not so much for the administrative assistance these engineers get who work on my program. (I’d use this same thinking in supporting teachers; i.e. pay the teachers well with ample “for class room” facilities and cut back on the number and pay level of the administrators who mess too much with what happens in the classroom. Take “No Child Left Behind”, as an example. It makes the assumption that you can ignore the bell curve, or chop off the end of the curve on the distributions of student performance and keep improving everybody’s performance. This is impossible. You help the bottom of the curve within reason but you do not hold back funds on schools that failed to do the impossible. Yet this has happened and is another one of those truths I talked about in the introduction, (which two of our presidents don’t seem to understand). In civil service people would be expected to budget their home lives accordingly. For engineers, they’ll always be paid at senior GS-12 or above after they’ve managed a big enough project. The reason I’d do this is twofold: it has the government paying its people for what they’re currently doing, vs. what they did some time ago, and it opens up promotions for new prospects from the lower grades, which creates an incentive for sharp minds to remain in government work. I’d make it retroactive and not grandfather-in some older employees with a better deal. I’d make the union agree on contract matters affecting all employees the same and, again, not favor the older employees. It’s only fair to pay them all by the same rules. When we can’t afford it, we can’t afford it for everybody. No lucky sweet grandfather deals in civil service (that will later disfavor our up and coming grandfathers). I saw this very problem when I worked in civil service in the seventies. In education the approach I suggest makes schools more serving to the student. I’d make retirement pay a function of the average grade over the last 30 years of service, not 20 years and not the last grade or peak grade. I’d have a peak amount not equivalent to 90% of their highest pay, but more like $30-40K tops. This is still better than Social Security, and industry, but not as lavish as the current federal and state systems for your average civil servant (who has it way better than the private sector). I say hogwash to plush federal/state jobs and retirement! Make it good and reasonable.

I’d have all federal civil servants and the military take an oath to protect the constitution and obey their chief officer, the President, subject to the best of their own moral code. If you get an illegal order, (or one against the president’s policies) you refuse, anywhere up and down the chain of command. You cannot be court martialed or fired for not performing on an illegal order.

I would institute a citizen controlled national center for challenging orders based upon suspected immoral ideals. We need to clean out the rotten crevices in the government. We could call it a national reporting system. It could be done with a cell phone type device for each employee.

No president should have to struggle against his military, or intelligence operators, or FBI, to manage his foreign policy. And no civil servant should fear for his job if he doesn’t go along with an illegal order. We need to rid ourselves of the inertia of disobedient, self righteous behavior of our military and intelligence services and FBI, and sever their ties to big money, industry, and criminal organizations. These problems plagued John Kennedy, and he was assassinated by a conspiracy because of them. Thee current day Zapruder film is a hoax. The real scene had the limousine practically stopped for the execution, and the single bullet theory is impossible, (see Appendix 1, section 1), leaving one to conclude a conspiracy (4bullets or more) and conclude the Warren Commission Report fallacious. We also need to break the chain of fear that occurs on a project when someone is leaned on to do something bad or face negative consequences. The business of the president is to run the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, which sets foreign policy, and funds and commands military and intelligence support. The president has a cabinet serving at his disposal to run all the other services that the U.S. provides. As the chief executive of this vast enterprise, he deserves the allegiance to the office and support for his work. The people did not vote to include anyone else to lead this enterprise but the chief executive, and we are displeased when he doesn’t get complete support from his departments, that we are paying for. They are there to facilitate his programs; not to block, or override, or counter, or stall his plans, or spin their wheels. And I would make the president more responsible to the people for the direction he takes the government and the nation with his actions. When the economy gives the nation 10% unemployment, then the government needs to lay off 5% of its people and share their salaries with them and the other unemployed in the private sector. It’s only fair to weather things together and not make government a cushy place to roost, while those in the private sector are frantic. a) NEW MISSION STATEMENTS FOR CABINET POSITIONS I would have new mission statements prepared for each Department in the Executive Branch to help employees understand the direction of a new administration. b) OATH OF SERVICE OR RETIRE I’d have all government civilian employees under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government sign an oath of direct allegiance and commitment to the President and his programs subject only to the employee’s best understanding of the constitution and his own moral sensitivity. Those with overwhelming objections at the onset, should have the one time special opportunity for a prorated retirement or other settlement, independent of time in service, or may otherwise leave in peace if they decide they cannot facilitate the president or his plans any longer.
c) SIGNALING AND RECORDING ORDERS As part of National reporting some form of keeping track of questionable orders given within the Executive Branch should be implemented so that there is no misunderstanding of the assignment and no crime involved. Persons ordering or performing questionable acts which may be criminal, without national coordination and approval, may be fined, demoted, pro rata retired honorably, or discharged dishonorably (if so judged at a hearing), or arrested and prosecuted, depending upon the suspected crime. A system of screening orders could save an employee or supervisor from making a big mistake. No one in the Executive Branch, especially in the military and intelligence communities should obey an order to commit a crime. One way to deter this would be to write orders, and store a copy at National, requesting their

support when in doubt. This would not be done as a rule, as verbal agreement and support in the current system works well and is efficient most of the time.It is intended to identify non-cooperative or bad

behavior within government from within and break the chain of fear that makes people do bad things out of fear of loss of something good, like their job, or life , or family..... and it is done to increase the coordinated response of executive dept. employees to their mission, which is to support the president in their specialty.

To restore the government “FOR” the people I envision several requirements. First, the candidate selection process and voting process need to be made void of big money influence, and much less vulnerable to media slandering. I envision the elimination of lobbying, and donations to candidates limited to individuals (perhaps $250/year per candidate max). I envision disallowing corporate or company donations to campaigns for the same reason (too much money leverage to get what they want). I would provide, however, a special line of communications for industry and America’s businesses and corporations to air their concerns to both the legislative and executive branches. The executive branch could, in observance of all complaints, propose equitable solutions across the board in a fair manner to preserve free and fair enterprise and the congress could prepare the legislation in accordance with the best alternative for the people. I envision many candidates on the ballot for president. Wouldn’t it be nice if each candidate made his/her position known in detail on the 20, or so, top issues important to the people, and the people had the recall ability after the election if he failed to back-up his positions with action. I imagine several sequences of voting would be required to actually select a president, and I’d choose a president on the popular vote.

For the voting public, I envision handing out code letters to each voter in a random fashion, at the polling place, that uniquely ties him/her to the votes shown under that code sequence, for the election at hand, on the final board, where all votes are tallied. I would have the final board easily accessible on line with expanding view to allow the voter to look in the area of his code for the votes recorded under his code. This would give voters direct feedback that their vote actually counted, without disclosing who had what code. I would mark the voters finger in a permanent colored dye pattern used by his precinct after he turned in his ballot, and I would guard the local area to make sure no ruffians were copying the pattern on voters coming into vote that day to disqualify them. Election fraud is suspected in American elections. Some of the vote counting hardware and software is also suspect. Diebold is more than suspected of altering software in American elections for more than a decade. This is a company (with political bias) that did the software for vote counting in many states in the last 20 years. http://www.velvetrevolution.us/electionstrikeforce/2009/03/diebold_admits_to_ major_softwa.html So I was thinking that if we tie the voter to his vote on the big board, carefully cover ballot stuffing by phony named multiple voters (with a dyed finger that doesn’t vote again), and track used code totals against poll station totals, we could get rid of cheating and software errors. Anti-bribery control needs to be developed. But counting votes fairly is not high tech. Any software should be simple and pre approved by a large number of multi-partisan software specialists. Maybe all cd copies of the approved software are guarded before the election, pass a multiple parody security check, and then are loaded on fresh computers from a non partisan source, hours before the election at the multiple centers for vote counting, with positive traceable control over the process. Voting accuracy and fairness is essential to our democracy.


I’d like to see the economy return better employment opportunities and earnings to the poor and lower middle class. Over the 26 years from 1979-2005 the upper 1% earners have increased their net income by 228% ( $326,000 to $1,071,500) while the lower 20% of workers only 6% ($14,400 to $15,300) as adjusted equally by

inflation to 2005 dollar values. Income ratios then went from23 to 1($326K/ $14.4K) to70 to 1 during this time ($1,071.5K/$15.3K). In other words the

richest 1% average earner made 23 times the poor 20% average earner’s income in 1979, and in 2005 that ratio increased to 70 times the average poor wage earner, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities http://www.cbpp.org/cms/? fa=view&id=917. 40 to 50 years ago a high school graduate could move out on his


own with the average low paying job. Mom stayed at home and wasn’t too busy to talk with her kids and nurture them individually as needed. She knew where her kids were. Dad made the family living and the family had a decent savings account. Kids went outdoors to play and used their imaginations a lot and were pretty active. The family had a dinner together most nights. Houses in Southern California were $10-30,000., and $5-15,000 in the Midwest, and Dad earned maybe $5-15,000. a year. So plain folks earned the equivalent of ½ of a house per year or more. They had a car payment and a house payment totaling $2-250/month. Gas was cheap and the roads were good. On a summer job in 1961, at the age of 16, I made $2.25/hr at a paint factory (that’s $4700/yr @40hrs/wk), and I hadn’t started my senior year of high school yet. Over the years, company managers, trying to earn more for their companies, designed and built in failure and made things less rugged and cheaper to cost less in production and require replacement way sooner. They wanted that parts business and that repair business to thrive as well, and they automated things to cut employees and their wages while making product faster. Things evolved where making something cheap could only get a big shot in the arm if overseas labor was used. So for the same task, American workers were out produced (moneywise) by cheap foreign labor, and more US manufacturing and the associated jobs were lost. Government regulation was cut back by political pressure. Banks, ignoring prudent guidelines, and more free from government regulations, started playing the same management money games and credit was extended to people who wouldn’t normally qualify. The interest rates were high if you didn’t pay on time. Points were born, a way to skim off the top on a loan. Contracts for car sales were written with interest rates above what the

customer would qualify for (by playing the “what sort of payment can you afford game”) and then hustling them through the finance department. These contracts were sold for cash at more than face value to other banks looking for income. Extended warranties were sold with huge profit on the backside of the deal. We’re talking 2-3 times their cost. So the car lot could get way more profit on the sale. The down payment more profit on the sale. The down payment $4000 car, covered what they had in it, so they could risk financing anybody, at their high rates, and become fat on income. If you missed several payments they could tow the car (which they had already paid themselves back for) onto the lot and start the game all over with another bad credit customer, where now they get additional cash into the deal. The lower middle class started becoming the poor. Mom had already started working outside the house to help make ends meet. Cars (SUVs) and trucks were promoted in the marketplace and the American public went for these big expensive fun vehicles that carried family and friends, would do better in a crash, and looked good at pre-game parties in the stadium parking lot. These gas guzzlers have made the oil companies real rich. Legalese became the contract wording that protected companies.

Nowadays, both Mom and Dad work, if they’re lucky; and the kids don’t have access/supervision to/from their parents, until they get home tired. The kids play video games, listen to iPods, text their friends, in their isolated or text /sound bite worlds, or hang with friends in the “time share world” of the day where friends are interrupted by outside media, and eat and get fatter than the kids 40 years ago cause they don’t run around out of doors as a routine. If they don’t have the toys, maybe some of them hang out on the street. There are fewer family dinners together. After college, the kids are still at home, or they came back home because they found it difficult to make finances outside of Mom and Dad’s house. They are welcome at home but denied that right of passage and sense of pride that comes with “being on their own”. And they do not want Mom and Dad to act like parents anymore, but some still lean on their adult kids. These young adults still have to respect Mom and Dad’s rules in Mom and Dad’s house. Decent jobs are hard to find, and the kids owe lots of money for their college education. There’s little savings and way more credit debt.

I’d say 40-50 years ago capitalism was working fine. The rich were still rich, but the average and below average could make a living, and save a little bit, and buy a house and not have to herd together in barracks. Today, I’d say capitalism has evolved toward feudalism where the barons at the top still control an inordinate amount of wealth and power (the top 1% hold 38% of the wealth of America and bring home after taxes 24% of all income), but the lower end is truly poor and considerably fewer can buy their own homes. I’d like to see fair taxation of everyone, more investment and jobs in America, a return to people working and less automation (e.g. more family farms), and a return of one parent home to nurture and teach the kids. I’d like to see an America where a high school education is enough to get a job that will make the individual self supporting with some savings and give him the potential of owning his own home in a reasonable time. I believe in a fair and open market and the opportunity to compete to make more than the average, and I respect those who did so while playing fair. I believe that the rich need to be a protected minority of sorts, with their life style protected, but not in control of the government to help themselves personally, nor to manipulate the government with money to help set laws supporting their financial interests. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not playing fair. Nor should average people in America have to compete with people living in shacks in foreign countries who may be happy to work for rice and beans. Democracy is driven by votes of the people, as opposed to money of the people. I’d like to see guidelines for the market that can be used to write regulations on businesses, and I’d like to see minority concerns respected in our legislation, so that the majority cannot stamp out the pursuit of happiness in a minority group that it has nothing to do with. Majority rule in its simplest form, after all, is a form of bully rule and the bully needs to be removed in respect of our constitution, where there’s liberty and justice for all. We need a magnanimous democracy sensitive to minority rights and

privileges in order to fulfill the Declaration of Independence. The current government in America is a Moneyocracy or Corporatocracy, and

control by the minority wealthy needs to be eliminated, to make the system honest and fair, but at the same time their rights need to be respected. Our system and indeed the world economy creeps toward feudalism, where at least half the population of the US suffers financially as a result. It’s not that the wealthy intended it, but the market process causes it, nonetheless. Some of the wealthy may know what causes this but will conserve the process unless they are forced to change. Many do not intend for the poor to get poorer, they just don’t feel responsible, even if they understand why this happens and understand conservation of the money. They are in denial. It’s the “something’s wrong, I’m being honest and doing fine, it must be some other group screwing up”, “While I sit in my nice house in the suburbs, which house I worked hard to provide for my family, how can I be at fault for what happens to the poor? I’m just minding my own business and working a little harder to get the things in life that I want. Isn’t that the essence of the American economy and American way?” “How does that hurt anybody?” I understand this reasoning. But when I opened my mind to try to understand the other reasons why the poor are so poor, I saw our market system forcing it that way, independent of their possible attitudes, which I could not profess to know a priori, anyhow. So then I thought how could I change the system to respect basic survival and even the playing field for everyone, and keep it even, while enjoying our free market economy. So that became my goal, instead of how to discern the attitude of starving homeless people. I looked at the problem awhile and realized that the most efficient and pleasing solution for all is to raise the poor with better jobs and cut down the welfare and cut government jobs and spending, and minimize taxes to get all of this done. Better jobs with “house buying” wages from the business engine of the economy will boost the economy with an attendant purchase of goods and services in higher percentages. What welfare is given is truly for basic subsistence, so recipients are still motivated to get a job. I’ll show in Chapters 2 through 4 how this can be done in a coordinated effort with a reduction in government, and maintain a wealthy class. My solution is good for everybody. It may not peak out the richest people’s income, but it does not reduce their standard of living, while lifting the spirits of all Americans in the creation of a sustainable capitalistic society.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all citizens had some health care as a basic right? A government plan for the same services and care providers would be less expensive than the current private health insurance system in America that burns 20% of the health care dollars on their own management overhead. That’s about $400K per health insurance employee, which is outrageous overhead. Why not let the government start competing with this. Let the free market decide who buys what. The current health industry has lobbied enough to squash the best answer for the American people and American industry. They allocate 80% to health care providers, while Medicare allocates 98% of health care dollars to the same health care providers. So who do you think would go out of business?

I think religion is fine for those who want it, but that it should never interfere with the public at large or with other religions. I believe that it teaches good family values in most cases and is helpful in the care of the poor and elderly and undereducated peoples of the world. I believe that it teaches a life of faith that embraces courage, love, fearlessness, commitment, honor, goodness, and charity.

I have my differences with organized religion, as well. My intuitive sense of God as the creator, and fully capable of recreating anyone or anything out of nothing, is that such a God would never ask for fixed, repetitive, prayers, services, ceremonies, sacraments, or rituals. What a bore! Such a God would not want big cathedrals, or big churches, or glitter of any kind, garments, furnishings, etc that only impress humans. What a waste! I believe that this good God would rather see his/her churches as day care centers during the day and shelters for the homeless at night, with open and honest real time personal communications from all of God’s kids, in their own words, often. Has anyone ever asked if God may desire unsupervised visitation with His kids (without priests interceding in any way to this process)? To help keep us safe from evil maybe this good God wants a focus from mankind that becomes a steady and personal God consciousness, to keep us full of God’s love and help us be charitable to others. Could sin be caused by the lack of good attributes that keep us from error? But we are human and don’t have all of the good attributes, or they’re too much work to maintain all the time. Wouldn’t God know this and love us anyhow? God made us this way.

I’ve lost my fear of God. I’ve come to believe that we all go to heaven. I believe that God did not make us error filled humans to test our humanity and then rebuke us for being human. I believe that God is Love and loves us no matter what. Maybe evil is the cause of a negative higher power (the devil?) and is there to teach us to come to Love for the answer in life. After all, perpetual badness and evil is hell. No God of Love would send His kids to such a place. Maybe we’re here to see both sides and choose Good and Love in the end. It is my belief that

God loves each of us and will not lose a single soul. Finite amends can be made by the worst of criminals on the other side, without punishment, to even the score if there is a need. For the balance of eternity we may then all live in peace and love with each other. My neighbor is my brother, my enemy is my brother; I must pray that they receive the positive attributes they need to not hurt me any longer. God, please help them and me in this positive endeavor, so we may all join in love and peace as your children.

I do not believe that the organized religions of the world would have anything close to their current membership if they didn’t require that the children be raised in the same religion (and promote big families). If they, instead, offered a broad concept of religion to their children, were more moderate in child bearing, and never required them to go to church, mosque, temple, or synagogue; and then the parents encouraged them to pick or not pick for themselves any of the religions offered when each child attained the age of 21, through a process of attraction rather than promotion or force. I think that the membership, clergy, and facilities would shrink down to a much smaller number for all organized religions. The balance of people would seek more of a moderate brotherhood of mankind and not be so righteous, I would hope. As it is, though, I belief that the religions use fear to keep up their God businesses and populations. “{We’re the one true original church; God only chooses a few while many are called; you don’t want to be lost to eternal damnation do you; be part of the best; be with your family, be with us}”. In the process they pull out some 3000 year old instructions they decided to keep and negate the need for some other 3000 year old instructions, and conclude that their religion and attendant services and rituals and sacraments constitute the only “true” religion, maybe even calling outsiders “unbelievers”. This process gets people to accept a negative way of life (harsh rules and a picky God) with loyalty. This would be ego based religion. It creates prejudices. This is dysfunctional behavior, not good for relationships, not of God as I can see.

If something is perfect then it cannot be changed for the better . If God had perfect instructions in the bible, they would agree with each other and not need change. How could Jerome and the Council of Nicene have chosen what was perfect back in the 4th century? They kept “stoning of an unmanageable, errant, and belligerent child” in the Old Testament. They kept “death for flubbing a spiritual ritual for Aaron’s sons” as God’s will that day. They kept “kill every man, woman, and child in the promised land less you be swayed to their pagan ways” as an instruction from God to Joshua, and then kept: carry the word to all the nations of the world after Christ. These are self contradictory commands. Churches have evolved and changed what they take and use from the bible and those that cleave to every word believe in contradictory direction from God. I’d say they are agnostic and don’t know, like me. I’m not God, nor are they; and I certainly do not need them to get my inspiration. I think they’re badly mistaken to believe in contradictory direction from God. Perfection excludes self contradiction.

Another big problem with organized religion is that some of its members believe that they know the will of God and have no remorse forcing their views on societies within their midst or without. I’m

thinking God has all the answers and the rest of us don’t know everything; we’re all agnostics (in our lack of full knowledge) and I’d like to keep my own beliefs, thank you. I would imagine that a lot of people in or out of organized religion have my sense of indignation toward those who would force them to behave in accordance with others’ religious beliefs. I’m ok with “thou shalt not kill” and several others. But I may not be ok with other instructions on how and when to observe celebrations of my faith, what I can eat, how much I should contribute, whether I should fast or not, be baptized or not, when I can work or spend money, have an abortion or not, how I should pray, and what kind of sex I should have. I want my daughter to be in control of any medical issue she faces, be it for her mental and physical health or her vanity or whatever. I believe that her freedom in this regard is more important than the life of an unborn fetus. She in not a birth vessel for anybody’s church, or the state, or the Federal government. She is a human being in control of her own health. The baby is an “if” and she’s a “here and now”. You may think it illogical, but I am pro life. I just don’t think that it is right to force other people to risk their health in any way for my sake. Let them decide about what is happening to their own body. We are not here to run other’s

lives.I see organized religion as full of hot air, self righteous, self serving, didactic, full of phony priestly piety, controlling, wasteful of resources, and the cause of conflict and some wars.I

would not be offended if children’s services entered homes to save the innocent children from following in this ancient process of make believe holiness. I wish I had been saved from Roman Catholicism. Otherwise I’m ok with organized religion, and respectful of their good accomplishments.

A fix for religion, from my point of view, is for them to love and respect other faiths, not interfere, not preach from the pulpit to control public affairs in the ballot box, not interfere with minority groups and if they become a nuisance in any of these areas, I’d say tax their hate business. Freedom of religion in the U.S. is also freedom from religion and freedom from the religion’s controlling ways, which I believe are unGodly, because God gives free will, freedom to choose. 7 or 8 or 12years old is too young. I commemorated the house I designed and built in 1990 by painting a life size Jesus offering two open arms to all visitors entering the front door, titled Jesus Welcomes All Visitors.


John’s “Last Supper” is a piece I created to try and cover the details in scripture while nodding toward Luke’s announcement of the supper...




Wars are caused by disagreement of leaders from different countries. The leaders cause the wars, not the people that fight them. Maybe there’s a property dispute or a business dispute, or maybe a nation preemptively attacks another because their leader just wants to. There is always some motive, good or bad. War is the highest form of organized hate. Murder rules are suspended. Now the farmer enlisted by one side is ordered to kill the merchant enlisted from the other side, and more and more are dragged into somebody else’s argument. This is insane. The way to stop war is to stop funding it. I like the way we in America got our independence. The British brought the war to our homes and communities demanding obedience to them. Our best efforts were to pick off their soldiers and then run and reload again for another ambush. When we fight on our soil, the will and the grit of our people rises up. Then things are real personal and we never give up. But paying our children to go fight in some other country is ridiculous. The other country will persist to the last man/woman. We are on their ground. We’re paid to fight and they have a reason to fight. There’s a difference. Except for WWII, I believe that America’s involvement in war since then has been to help the war industries that profit more when we are at war. Saving other people should be no priority when it costs OUR money (and loss of credit standing) and kills OUR children. It’s insane to spend this way. The industry owned media will trumpet righteousness and glory in fighting for “peace and freedom and democracy” around the world using our children as puppet soldiers to kill their puppet soldiers (their children) because the money changers (that own the media) would like to earn more. The commandments against killing are absolute, I believe. In Christianity the all powerful God (the Father) allows His Son to be killed and the Son lies down on a cross for this, as a lesson of this absolute. Part of the message is that Their Love transcends our murderous behavior. We are loved despite our murderous ways. We are loved unconditionally. For me this seems like an open invitation to make our lives our gift back to the creator, Who loves us no matter what, (Who died for us to prove it). I can thank and follow a loving, inviting, God. I can calm my mind and heart and spirit and sit in adoration of such a God. My attitude then becomes unwarlike. I feel safe. I recognize that my creator is your creator and that to honor Him I shouldn’t fight with you, and any other of His kids. To be like the loving creator is to be at peace and to live in the solution. To do otherwise is less than what the Father does and is more troublesome to the heart.

Yet I am only human and I will not sit and watch my children, spouse, or grandchildren be killed. Like the Islamic faith I personally support a willfulness toward defense of my family. I will battle invading “nonbelievers” who threaten murder against me and/or my children. I will not seek out to kill otherwise. So I extend this motive to make myself available for murder in defense of my little world. To do more than this is to give up the freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that is mine as an American citizen. I can extend my availability to my fellow neighbors and countrymen within my country as a minuteman since my country was founded this way. But I am nobody’s pawn to be sacrificed by the spoiled brat child become leader above me in his war against some foreign nation. A pox on that leader!!!!! How arrogant and unfeeling of him!! He has zero empathy!!

I foresee a time when America will wake up and demand huge reductions in our armed forces and subversive intelligence operations. I ask for that now.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see an awakening of the justice system that would have them shed procedures that unreasonably interfere with the case at hand? When a dieing cancer patient is suing his insurance company that dumped him and is precipitating his death, he should be able to take precedence over less timely matters in court. Companies should not be able to stall trials with lengthy preparation for cases involving health issues, contamination, etc. Basically court procedures need to get people friendly and planet friendly and stop being money friendly (burning attorney time in court creating delays). Make companies pay up small settlements on the spot, when the judge’s verbal orders are given in court, or jail their top officers and the managers responsible immediately. Have them pay some proportion of the moneys awarded before appeal is even recognized for bigger contests. Institute huge bench fines for deep pocketed companies trying to wear out the plaintiff against them. Increase the penalties for companies playing the percentages game, the companies that deny coverage routinely and only face a lesser number of legal challenges, while still making fist loads of money. Break them with huge fines and jail their officers. Basically I’d like to see equal justice under the law, and business not based in treachery.

Can the courts help here? Or do the courts themselves have a money problem, and fairness problem? Well, I believe that currently there is no guaranteed “equal justice under the law” in America as stated in our Constitution. Money starves out and kills people waiting for a fair trial. Money buys false testimony. Money or corruption shuts up counter productive testimony that might save innocent peoples’ lives. Money buys juries. Money buys murder. Money buys some judges. Some lawyers click with some judges. Money allows huge white collar crimes with small jail sentences, not the death penalty that these life destroying criminals deserve. Ego can be oppressive. Judges who see angry plaintiffs may punish them more than their bad manners illicit and miss the point of the argument. Get rid of egos on the bench. Open this closed system of wealthy attorneys rising to judges and then approving the fees of their predecessors. Open the system to engineer judges, laboratory tech judges, business people judges, housewife judges, mother judges.etc. Allow common sense to overrule the law.

Supreme Court judges that rule a corporation to have the rights of a citizen should be tarred and feathered. People within these businesses get their rights already as individuals and deserve no further share. Giving corporations unlimited advertising in the media to support their candidate or attack the opposing candidate is atrocious and way in favor of our current moneyocracy. Lobbies and companies and corporations are not people. They are inhumane business interests, machines of wealth that give the owners huge leverage over people. This leverage should not be allowed in public elections. Wealth should not be allowed to smear people in the public domain where candidates vie.

Limit campaign donations to a personal level of $250/ candidate /year or some such number that is based on what a poor to average citizen can afford. Get rid of legalese and simplify contracts with descriptive behavior generalizations that cover the gist but never cover all possible stipulations individually, and write them in plain English. Make laws modular. Make simple discreet tag on laws a) thru z) that people are taught and can be appended to the simple law in question to give it more teeth if needed. Courts could be a friendly place and assisting to “in Pro Per”, do it yourself, litigation. Hire non attorney judges at lower but livable salaries, and work them in offices, rather than big court rooms to handle the time consuming, but people friendly, flood of business. Tape record proceedings rather than have a court reporter. and simply transcribe the tapes when appeal necessitates.

Wow. This is really cranking up. I’ll bet you have several good ideas I didn’t mention. Maybe we should take another little break? Turn over a few pages to Energy Policy if you don’t want to hear a disgustingly gross (but really funny) story that could make you grateful. Is there justice in certain health problems? No!!! Help!


I thought you might enjoy the story of my abscess operation, true story. One summer in the middle 70s I was camping and fishing in the High Sierras with my family and toward the later part of the week I started to get soreness near the end of my digestive track. I waited until I got home and it didn’t go away. That first week back at work was really tough. It started to become very painful to just get up and sit down. By Wednesday afternoon, I knew I needed to see a doctor, and I thought, no I’d be wasting my time to see my general practitioner. I needed abutt

doctor. I didn’t know any friends who had ever talked aboutbutt problems, and I was a little shy about calling around to try and get a referral from them anyhow, so I probably looked in the yellow pages and chose a doctor who had a nice ad. I called and got an emergency appointment to see him in his office soon thereafter. I took about 20 seconds just trying to lower myself into a chair in the waiting area so I wouldn’t disturb anybody. After about 10 minutes the pain had subsided enough that I could breathe more easily. A few minutes later a nurse opened the door to the doctors working area and called my name, “Dean, John Dean”. Well I had forgotten how careful I needed to be to avoid really bad pain, and sprung right up, screaming all the way. I really broke the silence in that waiting area. Embarrassment aside I entered an examining room and took off my pants and with lots of deep breaths managed to get myself up on the table and laying sideways as instructed. I don’t think I really met Dr. Gaylord until after the exam, and I never really thought about what his name might be connoting. He hit the spot inside like 20 times with his inspecting finger which I responded to with a mild shriek each time, which aroused my suspicion that he might really like his job and maybe be some kind of sadist/fetishist. When it was over he told me he would schedule me for surgery that night. I was to head to the hospital within the hour. You can’t imagine how my surgery prep felt, the enema of which was unbearably painful. I was getting close to the point where I may have tried relieving the abscess myself. It helped to get a dizzy pill. When they rolled me into the surgery room it seemed like the doctor, a few other medical personnel, and an older teenage blonde headed buck followed the doctors instructions in trying to get me ready for an IV and in giving me a spinal, both of which he kept repeating. It was fuzzy, but that’s what was happening. I woke up in recovery a new man and soon enough my legs came back and nothing hurt. The abscess had been the size of a small orange. I was moved to my room.

I discovered I had bandages for underpants. The doctor told me he’d see me in the morning. Around 11 PM my digestive track, which had not functioned for about 4 days, told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to go potty. I rang for the nurse and she said you’ll just have to remove the bandages and go for it if you really need to. “Do you need any help?” I didn’t need any assistance. Whoa! what a relief, a couple of bloody flushes, a big weight loss, and back to bed, no pain, no soreness, Zonk. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

The next morning, breakfast with a smile, and the doctor arrived about 9AM. He had me roll over and looked at the incision. Without a warning he jabbed his finger into mybutt , and I could be one of only a handful of people that can say , he ripped me a new one, and mean it literally. At that moment we were no longer friends. He acted in a hurry and was abrupt and told me to stay there and rest for the weekend, while he was out of town, and follow the regimen of sitz baths. Without any discussion he left. It took one sitz bath to convince me that I didn’t need to be in a hospital for this therapy of basically soaking mybutt . I went to the nurses station and asked how I get cleared to go home. Besides, I needed a cigarette and a drink. She called the back-up doctor, who was a general surgeon, moonlighting (oh terrible word). He checked me out, and told me I was fine and could go home. He also mentioned that, strangely enough, that part of the human body seems to heel itself easily and that proctology is about the lowest specialty in medicine, with the least training. He said onlybutt fetishists join that specialty. (I wondered why a general surgeon was backing up a proctologist.) The process of healing involves keeping the sore open enough to drain from the inside out slowly over 2-3 months, while on sitz bath (soak thebutt) therapy 3 times a day. During the operation the doctor had put a string in the sore and trailed it out to help keep the incision open. I must have lost my string that night in the crapper, which explains being ripped open the next morning. The surgeon told me I’d be fine and I asked him to get me through the recovery. He complied. Meanwhile Dr. Gaylord’s office called and I told them he was fired. He wrote letters telling of the need to help the musculature get back to normal requiring regular visits with him. I ignored his pleas. He sent forms for me to sign to release him of any wrongdoing. I ignored those too. A lump seemed to be growing in my arm during the first month and so I asked my surgeon what it could be. He said we wouldn’t know until it was removed. So a little outpatient surgery in the emergency room, a biopsy, and lo and behold it was a quagmire of vein material. I thought of the kid repeating his try to start an IV in the same spot the night of the surgery. I was angry but it couldn’t be undone so I just live with it and attendant loss of some nerves in my arm which were cut during the little surgery. In three months I stopped oozing altogether and was fine.

There, now, legal problems schmeegal problems, doesn’t that make you feel a little more grateful (this didn’t happened to you.)......... Let’s get back to work.



Big money in energy needs to be invested in the development of abundant renewable or inexhaustible energy sources. I think solar for various reasons. One gets about 1 kw/m2of total light and heat energy from the sun on a bright sunny day free. Solar electric conversion is 10-25% efficient, I believe; so we get 100w to 250watts in a square meter. The average number of sunny hours per day varies with location (and obviously time of year). About half the nation gets 4-5 full sun hours /day on the average. From Texas north to Nebraska and then west to California gets 5-6 full sun hours, and Arizona and New Mexico and parts of adjoining states get 7-8 full sun hours per day. At 150w/square meter and 5 sun hours, we get 150 X 5 = 750whr a day per square meter or .75 kilowhr per square meter, average electric energy per day per square meter. My daily use average is about 15kwhr/day energy (as shown on my electric bill) so, with a fudge factor for spare of 15% we need (15/.75) X 1.15 = 23 sq meters of solar cells or 10X 23 = 230 sq ft. providing us 3.45kw at full sun. Currently system cost is about $9/w or 9 X 3450 = about $31,000. The section of roof with southern exposure needs to be 200+ sq ft for it to work at my house. We need to work the solar cell price down. Every nation gets sun. Would there ever be international solar possession wars?

I haven’t studied wind systems or low tech solar (like focusing the sun to heat liquid and running steam turbine generators), or tidal systems. or? I’ll bet there are reasonable solutions in a lot of places. I think sun power because it’s plentiful and every country has it, so it’s no cause for war.


In America we behave like human doings and not human beings. I use the name “human doings” to suggest that we are valued for what we do in life and have lost all sense of our great value as human beings, who needn’t do anything to have enormous value. That value is not a function of our nationality, color, race, ethnic background, education, intelligence, age, sex, sex preference, work specialty, good looks, level of performance at anything..... etc. It is that value that is celebrated in

our Declaration of Independence...“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

The gist of our equality has nothing to do with all the physical descriptions above or what we do; it has to do with us being human, and endowed by our Creator to have life, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness.

Our economy, free market capitalism, has everything to do withwhat we do.Our pride is in these descriptions as accomplishments, abilities, looks,

strength, intelligence, goodness or the like. Our competition with each other for

jobs and education, or in our sports and games creates winners and losers. Butas
humans we remain equal, and we all have value that cannot be
taken away.
We still all deserve life, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness.

There are no loser human beings. God does not make trash. Prejudice against us for not doing well in contests inappropriately punishes a huge number of people in America and they are treated inhumanely. Rather than pick up the losers in the game, American capitalists truck on by in their race to keep up with the Jones, and the losers fall by the wayside. Many of our people may feel disenfranchised with their joblessness, poverty and lack of education, and general hopelessness, and apparent lack of care from the people above them. People that love capitalism, just the way it is, are real good contestants. Why should the losers like it? We have to live together, so why not make it acceptable and teasing to the poor end to engage them, rather than beat them down.

I believe that the root of the problem is the failure of our economic system to respect and complement the purpose
of our nation.
That purpose is to shed repression and form a representative

union of the people to guarantee our inalienable rights and equality under God. Simple humanness and our national purpose ensures us life, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness, with a representative government of the people, by the people, and for the people to help us maintain these rights. We have spent too much energy competing in the rat race, protecting egos, and rolling in the treasures which are there for the taking (if you can get in the right door). This inattention to human value has made ruthless murderers out of our “free enterprise capitalistic horses” because with their blinders on, they trample people that they don’t see in their path. Both Jefferson and Washington knew of the principle of human value and understood slavery to be an evil against it, but both presidents could not envision a simple life without slaves to boost their personal economies. Washington’s slaves were set free after his death. Jefferson had children by one of his slaves. So life’s comforts, or fear of loss of life’s comforts, leads good men to abuse their underlings unreasonably. Such was the case in America. Today workers below subsistence in America, forced to live in groups with families or roommates, pay taxes out of the money they earn before meeting subsistence. That is simply inhumane. We have evolved for the better, but still need to fulfill the purpose of our nation.
The increase in the separation of income in America over the last half century is a fact, well documented, not a conjecture, not a position, not a political issue, but it is FACT. http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=2908 And it is created by the conniving with product and services at the other end of the financial spectrum to increase profit. The rich probably think that they are just more successful because of hard work, but the financial result is achieved with victories against the unions, with out sourcing labor to foreign countries, with “lobbied for” taxation policy favoring them, with automation, with built in obsolescence, with the cheapening of product, with the creation of large repair and parts businesses, with interest schemes and payment schemes, and banking schemes, and credit schemes. All of this is a product of selfish planning at the top. I see no fruitful labor. It is usury, and partially taken out of the hides of the lower end of the financial spectrum. Particular industries use lobbying and media control in addition to multiply up the influence of a few rich owners to control our government and blame them for all the woes at the same time. They push hard for deregulation and then use it to fill their pockets and bring markets to

collapse, while shouting all the time the fault of government.They manipulate the government totally and in the open to give them money that is borrowed against the credit of the people of America, and the people have yet to be served by having their government stop this.It is time

for a revolution and the recreation of a government by and for the people, and it may be done in a peaceful manner with simple changes presented herein. But mental and emotional acquiescence to a fix at the core of the problem is the only real way, as I can see, to make and keep America a decent country. I seek this end. I seek peace and brotherhood and the elimination of “a dog eat dog world with its

triumph of the bullies”. All Americans should have food, clothing, shelter, and some medical support... out of simple human decency. And a spread in the income and wealth may remain divergent as long as the low end has its subsistence and an even playing field.Give

them these things and they will become inspired and will freely contribute to the betterment of all as they try to improve their lot above subsistence.



I see the economy as the most important priority and essential in the pay down of the national debt. With it I see broad cuts in government workforce and in its programs. In particular I see a huge reduction in Defense, a bigger reduction yet in intelligence and homeland security, and a shoring up of Social Security and general health care in America. Before this happens, though, we need to eliminate money in the influence of government and in what is reported in the media, or reallocate some broadcast frequencies, if they try to stop progress in this direction. What the media says needs to be more balanced with the voice and needs of the people, with a short retort (announced) by the media owner for his position, if different. Currently this voice of the people is on Free Speech TV (FSTV), Link TV, COLOR TV.... etc.

We need re-institution of government regulation to better manage the public airwaves, and to keep industry and banking from driving us into a hole for high end profit and payroll again.

For those who lost their jobs in the government and industry, I would not cut off pay totally; I’d trickle down their pay while they’re looking for work, maybe over 6months to a year, so that they can remain consumers and help the economy as they become part of the larger non-government working force. I’d reduce Social Security/Medicare/Unemployment taxes for businesses to 1/3 the new lesser total, with incentives for them to use the savings on lower end wages (95%) or lose it all.

I’d restructure welfare and provide more survival goods and services and less money, I’d feather off Social Security for high end recipients who do not need it, and I’d reduce medical costs dramatically through various cuts in unneeded services, which would further reduce the cost to industry to provide health policies to their employees, plus reduce the cost of Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIPS. I’d turn the deficit into a surplus to start the pay down of national debt. I’d change the structure of individual income taxes not to tax individuals below national subsistence guidelines, and progressively tax them above the guidelines, while remaining careful to preserve the nicer life style, and a surplus for reinvestment, for the more wealthy. This way, life remains beautiful for the rich and much nicer for the lower end of the financial spectrum of citizens.


The economy of the nation, especially the lower half of its earners needs an injection of jobs mostly, at house buying wages. For the destitute we need to ensure shelter and food and care to lift them out of hopelessness, restore their sense of value as human beings, and inspire them to contribute to the nation’s well being and that of its citizens. Deep cuts in government size and spending and alteration of promotions, pay, and pensions will facilitate the better economy and efficiency of the government, while reducing the tax burden to the people. This needs to be implemented in the states as well. Reduction in defense and intelligence is essential to world peace and against the imperialism within that we fought against as a nation at our inception in order to form a more just union in the first place.

The election and recall processes need to be reworked to provide voters visibility of their votes in the final tallies, to make candidates commit to positions on important issues before the election, and to give the people power to recall a president, congressman, senator, and perhaps even judges within a few months when they go against their commitments or otherwise circumvent a government

FOR the people. To ensure democracy we need toeliminate the edge that money hason the outcome of elections and on government operations, policies,

laws, and justice, and on some of the functioning of the free enterprise system. Industry busting may be required to preserve freedom in our business enterprises. Meanwhile rights of minority groups need to be respected, including the rich, with changes in legislation that will remove democratic “bully rule” and make democracy more magnanimous to all of our people, and respectful to those precious words in our Declaration of Independence. Government layoffs in deep recessions would be automatic. All layoffs would provide continuing income that tapers down to a subsistence level and stops after six months to one year.

Health care would be available to every citizen, at the lower levels through the government single payer plan. A private health insurance industry would continue for those who could afford it and wanted it. Out of pocket would always be available. Efforts to economize in procedures and seek out fraud would be ramped up. Mal practice would be replaced by arbitration, as it is not needed, and it is very costly to us all.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy and the refusal of government, corporate, and media energy to focus on the whole truth, while bolstering the Warren Report to this day is continuing proof of a wicked agenda and its incredible infiltration into government, industry and the media that continues to this day. Spot lighting and dismantling this evil plan is part of our recovery. We need to shed light on our past leaders who were part of this terrible conspiracy and set the record straight to help us understand how we got to where we are at present.

I suggest recording the truths that emerge in this quest in Washington D.C., with portraits and short summaries of the involvement of the center’s inductees. This would be the national record of our governments’ holocaust. We need to establish this and keep it to remind us not to repeat fearful relinquishment of power to a hand full (by comparison) of crooks.

The solution is to carefully identify the position of many candidates and then let the people fairly decide the key leadership in our government and entrust in them the power of expedient recall when leaders change course against the will of the people.

People working within the government must be encouraged to speak up as to the presence of corruption amongst them. The national reporting scheme would help this process.

Protection of the planet can be aided by heavy investments (outside the oil

industries) toramp up: solar cell manufacturing (cheapening it in cost only), battery manufacturing, and production of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles PHEVs. Solar home space/water heating is also planet friendly and cost effective now.Patents held by companies that

could aide this work need to be nationalized to free up, and cut cost out of, their use, with one time settlements, and open use by all US manufacturers and others waiting for it to run production thereafter. Holding these technologies off the market in order to sell oil, retards recovery, and is a result of un-regulated capitalism, and not a good idea at this time or anytime in the future. Let the illicit gains and lying and bad science stop, and oil’s death grip on the American economy loosen. Let’s eliminate their power over government, and do the same with other industry and banking.

The stock market needs regulation to forbid inordinately risky schemes and their proliferation in the global economy. Should there be a public derivatives market? Who regulates the World Bank? Who runs the International Monetary Fund. Should bundling of trust deeds and notes be allowed? (I would vote No). Should international companies be able to move around to avoid prosecution and tax payments? (again I would vote no). Should our executive branch be able to launder money through control of interest payments on our national debt to foreign nations by having them automatically paid to American contractors who have contracts with the nation in question, like we did in Saudi Arabia? (I would vote no). This excludes our congress in the business dealings of our nation. And government executives fund the industries that they want to fund without any controls on them. Halliburton got the first big maintenance contract for Iraq directly from the White House; Cheney was a previous CEO there. WHAT A MONEY PIPE! No wonder the budget is not balanced and purchase contracts and bail-outs not scrutinized. The executives are getting away with murder here and plundering the U.S. Treasury.

With the improvements I’ve mentioned, I expect a return to more prosperous, more sane, and more peaceful and decent times in America, and in the rest of the world. We should have the industries responsible pay off the national debt of Ecuador and Panama, and any other nation we’ve pirated in the process of globalization, and help cure world hunger with our sustainable farming, and sustained farmers. Some penalties may need to be given to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Let’s project peace! DO I HEAR AN AMEN? Amen

A LITTLE LOUDER, PLEASE AMEN DO I HEAR AN AMEN?? AMEN!! Thank you. Let’s get busy...but first. How about a little

diversion.....a splash of art and jewelry: “In Memory of”, an 18 X 24 oil/canvas gift for my friend Monique, daughter of my friends Michael and Paulette; and some of my one of a kind custom jewelry? (not available anymore). Customers did genuinely smile while opening their wallets or purses for the exchange.

00013.jpgMonique With a Friend (In Memory of Friend) 00014.jpg

divers helmet and chest piece are stolen property Dean Jewelry
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