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woman or to get attention from her, that is like an instant turn off. Being desperate to get laid is
something that women usually see as PATHETIC and being desperate for her attention makes you
seem like less of a man. Pretty blunt, but also pretty true.
In a little while, I will be posting quite a few more, until then, tackle these 7 and you will be able to
improve YOUR success with women.
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Author: Robert Buford
Unfortunately for them, more than 70% of men will never have the kind of success with women
that they should be having, do you realize why that is?
The main reason is that they have no clue about to attract women. They keep trying the same
techniques over and over that aren't working! This makes them think that attractive women are
never going to be interested in them and that they will never attract the kind of woman that they
think they want, so they settle for who ever will pay attention even if they're not really interested in
that particular person.
The other and most important reason is that they will do absolutely nothing about the main reason!
They just sit back and trust to luck and the law of averages! Look, I'm telling you, this is the wrong
attitude and will surely lead to a less fulfilling life and into the hands of a partner who is not as
emotionally strong and physically attractive as the kind of woman that I'm sure you want to have.
If you are now listening to advice from your friends, no matter how well meaning, they aren't only
preventing you from getting the results you should have from your time spent trying to meet and
attract women, They are also putting you at high risk of depression and lack of fulfilment that is the
final result of having a less than satisfactory love life. Not to mention the joy and satisfaction, and
the great life you'll receive by being with the right woman of your dreams!
Do you ask yourself, how does a semi-fat, balding, ugly jerk like me get a gorgeous girl to look at