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7 Reasons Why You Are Not Attracting Beautiful Women!”

Author: Chris Tyler

Article: Fellas, let's admit it. If we could have our way, we would be able to attract just about ANY woman that we wanted to. And of course, we wouldn't be going after the ugly Betty types. No, not at all. Like it or not, as men, we want to be with BEAUTIFUL women. Women with sexy curves and pretty faces. Yet, for most guys, this seems to be an impossibility. There are a multitude of reasons for why this is, but I have compiled a top SEVEN list that I am sure every man can relate to. So, here it goes:

1. Lack of confidence. This has to be the number one reason. Think about it. If you had all of the confidence in the world, wouldn't you approach any woman that you wanted? Sure, you would. Lacking confidence is not just a turn off for most women, it's also the number one inhibitor between you and the life that you REALLY want to live.

2. Poor conversation skills with women. If you cannot talk to a woman the right way, you are not going to be able to get much further than a friendly and totally non-sexual conversation with her. You have to be able to spice it up a little, unless you really BELIEVE that deep down, all women want a boring and bland kind of guy. (They don't.)

3. Using pickup lines. Sure, there are some guys that claim this is the KEY to attracting beautiful women, but in reality, this hardly ever works out all that well. Just think about it like this, a beautiful woman gets hit on all of the time. And guess what most guys try to use on her? That's right! Pickup lines. so, she naturally has learned how to shut them out of her head. In short, they won't work on her at all.

4. Following the advice of your buddies. Unless your guy friends are out there picking up magazine centerfold models, chances are pretty good they don't know much more than you already do. And that's a GOOD reason NOT to listen to them. After all, why get advice from another guy who's no better off than you are?

5. Poor hygiene. You don't have to turn into the pretty boy, almost feminine kind of guy to attract women. You DO have to be able to look presentable and come across as being able to go out in public and make a good impression. A little basic hygiene (cologne, clean hair, clean clothes) will go a LONG way!

6. Using gimmicks and routines. This is along the same lines as dropping pick up lines on a woman. With routines, not only do you have to learn them and memorize what to do, they also have to come across natural and most of them do not. Try hypnotizing a woman in a loud nightclub with flashing lights and people bumping into you. It's not going to work. And also, just as with a pick up line, a routine or a gimmick can come across as CHEESY just as easily as it can be seen as cool.

7. Showing desperation. When you give off the vibe that you are desperate to hook up with a woman or to get attention from her, that is like an instant turn off. Being desperate to get laid is something that women usually see as PATHETIC and being desperate for her attention makes you seem like less of a man. Pretty blunt, but also pretty true.

In a little while, I will be posting quite a few more, until then, tackle these 7 and you will be able to improve YOUR success with women.


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