9 Priceless Ways for You to Discover the Untold Secrets of Attracting Beautiful Women HTML version

1. Introduction
2. 7 Reasons Why You Are Not Attracting Beautiful Women
3. Attract Women Using Personality
4. Can You Become The Kind Of Man That Attracts Women
With Ease
5. Ways To Attract Single Women
6. How To Make Women Desire You
7. Dating Advice For Single Men – What Not To Do
8. Great Tips To Get A girl To Like You
9. How To Attract Women – 6 Proven Strategies
10.How To Attract Beautiful Women 3 Tips You Need To Be
Aware Of
I am not going to fill out this introduction with fluff about attracting women. I shall let the
information speak for itself.
What I shall say is that the contributing authors are experts in their field that enjoy sharing their
knowledges with others such as you and I.
Yes I, started somewhere as I was once shy and frightened. I read up and applied what I read and
adapted it to my own personality as you must do. Now I am a man that turns ladies heads wherever
I go and no I am not handsome or athletic at all. AT least I don't think so.
Read through this book and if you like what you read good. It is my and the authors wish that you
enjoy this book.
Through out this book you see reference to ' The Player's Guide'
. This is a no nonsense guide that
gets direct to the point on how you can be totally irresistible to ladies. In fact it so good that all of
my lady friends have banned me from using it!