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Destination Success
A few weeks ago I got a phone call from
a fellow asking about Success Coaching. He
wanted to know if coaching could really help
him achieve success.
5. Clearly articulate how your service,
product, or experience will benefit you,
others, the world. I call this "knowing your
story." Until you really know your story, it is
difficult to enroll others. It doesn't matter
what you are presenting: financial services,
healthcare, cars, or software. You need to
convincingly express the value of what you
Experience tells me the answer is "yes." In
the 3 1/2 years I have been a professional
Success Coach (and the 20 years of study and
work experience to get here!), I have found
some particularly powerful routes on the
Success map. They seem quite straight-
forward, though this doesn't mean it's an easy
trip. You can have a map and know the path
but if you never take the trip, you won't get to
the destination.
It doesn't matter what area of life you choose.
Business, family, community, social. If you
want to reach the destination of success, this
map will help take you there.
Take this self test. Choose a specific context
(business, relationships, family, etc.):
￿ Do you know specifically what
you want?
￿ Is there a purpose or reason
for doing it?
￿ Is there clear intention of
￿ Are you truly committed?
￿ Have you clearly articulated the
benefits to yourself and others?
Here are five routes on the success
map, to help you on your journey in
business and in life. Your coach's
job is to help navigate and work
with you to:
"The trained eyes
and ears of a good
1. Know what you want. For some
of you this may sound basic. You
might say "I want money" or "I
want success." However, the key
here is to be very specific about
what you want. For example, "I
want a 20% increase in net profit"
vs. "I want higher profits."
Coach help you
see where you are
on your journey."
If there's something missing or you
find yourself with a flat tire, seem to be
driving around in circles, or running out of
gas, a Coach may be able to get you back on
your road to success.
2. Have a clear purpose. Know the reason for
which something is being done.
3. Understand and use intent. Intent is one
of the most underrated aspects of success.
Your actions have to be packed with intent --
is your mind concentrated, firmly resolved on
a purpose? Out of intent is born will. It's a
process of exercising the mind with conscious
intention towards initiating a chosen action,
i.e., set your goal, see it complete, and go!
The trained eyes and ears of a good Coach
help you see where you are on your journey.
They'll assist you to clarify your direction,
layout the route, encourage intentional action,
and get over obstacles. Heading out...
destination Success.
4. Establish commitment. This is the action
of binding yourself to a course of action.
Dedication is part of this. You may not know
what to do but if you are committed to being
successful, you'll find out how!
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