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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
Acknowledgements and thanks are due to a number of people who have helped
with the production of this book.
Sarah Curyer and Dale Clark for their initial proofreading and helpful
Mandy Farr who has always been enthusiastic in her help with word processing
and formatting.
Alice Watson who has always been there from the days of my Master’s thesis.
Susan Durrant who was very helpful and easy to work with in designing the front
and back covers.
Bob Rich for his precise methods in editing and his excellent ideas.
Raine Biancalt, like a well experienced Archer, has hit the mark with her skills
that have created the true beginning of the end of this book.
Dedicated to Yvonne, the wife of my youth “for her price is far above rubies”
who shares my vision and supports me in all of my dreams and endeavours. I
love her not only for what she is, but also for what I am, when I am with her.
Also to the great teachers in my life: my daughters, Nicola Anne, Becki Lee and
Bonnie Jo, and to my sons, Sterling James and Haydn Luke, who have provided
me with some of the great experiences of my life, lessons that I could not have
learned in any other way from any other people.
Copyright © Dennis R Curyer, 2003
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