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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
It may be likened to standing at a door of an aircraft with a parachute on. This is
your first jump. You are scared, the palms of your hands are clammy, and beads
of sweat are forming on your forehead. You think, “What if the parachute does
not open?” Your jumpmaster is encouraging you to jump. You exclaim, “I just
cannot do it.”
At that moment the aircraft engine begins to run rough, something is wrong, it
splutters and, with a violent surge, it stops. Only the wind can now be heard
rushing past the open door. It is going down. The thought of the impending crash
and your death, acts as the catalyst for you to jump.
There is no time to think or procrastinate. You jump. You watch the aircraft
plummet to the ground. It gets there before you do and explodes on impact. You
are horrified and saddened for those people who went down with the plane. You
cannot help but think how thankful you are that you made the decision to jump.
Adversity acted as a catalyst. It forced you into making a decision. It provided a
sense of urgency that motivated you into taking action.
Do we enjoy learning lessons through trials and tribulations? No, not unless we
are masochists. Being exposed to new experiences is not easy. If we learn the
lesson the first time, will the teachers have to come again? No, not in that lesson
we have learned. We move on to the next level of our development. We can be
sure we will continue to learn new lessons. Once we stop learning lessons then
life is over. Or is it?
Freedom To Choose
The greatest gift you have been given is the freedom to make choices. Use this
gift to its maximum. Do not let it sit on the shelf and rust, or gather dust and
become a museum piece. Do not give anyone your Power of Attorney to make
decisions and choices about your life.
Freedom is the stuff life is made of. Sometimes you will make mistakes. Well,
that is all right. Anybody who ever achieves anything in life will make mistakes.
Say to yourself, “It is all right to make mistakes”. When you have made a
mistake be objective about it. Good people make mistakes and bad people make
mistakes. In this regard we are all the same. Remember if you fall over and get
up quickly, it is as if you had never fallen over.
Copyright © Dennis R Curyer, 2003
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