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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
have travelled the same way, having walked in their moccasins. Now we are in a
better position to help others.
Through our difficulties our experiences are greatly increased. Our repertoire, if
you like, has been expanded. Figuratively speaking, we can now play more
tunes, speak more languages, paint more pictures and do more things.
It is during these gut-wrenching experiences that you are taken to new frontiers.
You walk to the edge of the darkness, and then walk into it. You hit the wall and
go beyond the pain-barrier.
You are humbled during the process. When you endure difficulties you are
brought down to a level equal with others. You leave, or are thrown out of your
ivory tower, hitting the pavement, you now see who else is there.
Those things we have called our weaknesses, once overcome, now become our
strengths. Weakness is the birthplace of strength.
Experiencing trials and tribulations gives us a greater appreciation for life. It
brings reality to our doorstep. All of a sudden we appreciate the simple things in
life: the air we breathe, the flowers we smell, the water we drink, and the clouds
in the sky. We unclutter our lives.
Through our extreme difficulties we become acquainted with God, each in our
own way.
Adversity Overcomes Procrastination
Have you ever procrastinated about making an important decision? We all have
at some point in our lives. We keep putting it off, sometimes for years.
Making decisions can be a difficult task. We may not be sure of the outcome or
the consequences of the decisions, therefore there is an element of fear involved.
We suffer what might be called temporary insanity. Our mind is in turmoil as we
swing back and forward. One moment we will, the next moment we will not.
This may go on for days, weeks, months, or even years. What adversity does is
quicken the process. Adversity causes us to make decisions.
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