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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
In an act of desperation you telephone your Psychic Hotline to ask what your
future holds. Your personal psychic advisor tells you, “You are going to meet a
beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you.’’
This wonderful news has turned night into day. You croak, “Where will I meet
her? At a party?’’
”No,’’ says the psychic, “in her Biology class.’’
Fire Is The Test Of Gold
Through our experiences we learn great lessons. Overcoming difficulties is what
develops strength and character. You might ask, “Strength, to do what?” The
answer is, “To overcome more difficulties”. You can reach a point where
difficulties are easier to overcome, and not as daunting.
Your attitude towards them is such that you view them as another experience, or
lesson, that you have to work through. It is of little value to yourself or anybody
else to complain, whine, or moan, as eighty percent of people could not care less
and the other twenty percent are actually glad. You simply have to work through
them. It is the process that is important. Maxers come to know that sometimes it
is the journey that is more important than the destination. So enjoy the journey.
Gold is passed through fire while being refined and so are you. This process
yields a number of benefits.
In experiencing trials and tribulations you are exposed to life from a different
perspective. You experience another way of looking at things. If you have been
financially comfortable all of your life and things turn around to where you
become ‘poor’ or ‘lose it all’, then it allows you to see life from the angle of
people living their life in poor circumstances.
You identify with others who have had similar experiences. In other words there
is a connection made. Something happens between people who have experienced
difficult things.
Through this process we develop compassion for others. No longer are we
cynical, judgmental, and critical of others. We are now compassionate, as we
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