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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
Our car careered around the corner, out of control and wrapped itself around a
tree. My wife, at this stage, pulled up behind the car and raced to the front door
of our stolen car only to find that it was one of our sons who was at the wheel
with his mates beside him. The car, of course, was written off. My wife rang me
to tell me of the dilemma in which she had been placed.
Life is like that. “One door closes and another one slams shut.”
The Recession We Had to Have
1992 was the year of slamming doors. It was the beginning of the slide of our
economy and the recession we had to have. We suffered great financial
difficulties during this year as detailed in my earlier book ‘Get Out of Debt
Before It Kills You’.
In that same year our offices were burgled. Our tenant’s contents were stolen and
he claimed the insurance. Strangely, our contents were not touched.
Later that year at about three o’clock in the morning we received a telephone call
from the fire brigade. They informed us that our offices were on fire. Our offices
were severely damaged and, of course, we had to evacuate and save whatever
could be salvaged. What the fire did not get the water did.
It was established later that the tenant who had had his contents stolen, had set
fire to the premises so that he could make another claim against the insurance
For the next six months we experienced the difficulty of running a business from
our home.
Could Things Get Any Worse?
Yes, and they did, but that is life! This is illustrated by the following story.
Imagine you are a lonely male frog who is looking for a companion with whom
to spend your life. There does not seem to be anyone interested in you no matter
how hard you try. This has shattered your self-image. You are feeling depressed
and unhappy.
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