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Gillian Barre Syndrome
Some years ago my mother had a heart transplant. At the beginning of 1992 she
went to see her local General Practitioner who suggested that she have an
influenza injection.
Under normal circumstances an influenza injection would have prevented
influenza, colds, etc. but, because my mother had been a heart transplant
recipient, complications set in and my mother contracted Gillian Barre
Syndrome. This syndrome shuts down all the body’s systems. My mother was
placed on a life support machine as she was paralysed from the neck to the toes.
She remained in this condition for some months.
As we lived in Melbourne and she was in an Adelaide hospital, we travelled
there to see her. I have seen a lot of sick people in my life but I do not think that I
have ever seen anybody in the condition she was in.
My father, who was in Adelaide to be at my mother’s bedside, began to cough up
blood. After being x-rayed he was diagnosed with lung cancer. So, while my
mother was in hospital endeavouring to recuperate, my father was sent to surgery
where he was operated on and had a part of his lung removed.
From that point onwards his health quickly deteriorated. Within a matter of three
weeks we were preparing for his death. My mother had been released from
hospital and returned to Broken Hill.
Considering my father’s position I decided that I would go to Broken Hill and
visit with him. My wife remained in Melbourne and attended to her work
The Stolen Car
While I was in Broken Hill visiting my sick mother and my dying father, my
wife came home from work one evening and after going to bed, she heard a noise
at the front of our home. Our car was being rolled out of our driveway. She
immediately got up, jumped into our other car and gave chase to the thieves.
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