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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
This is a wonderful world. My knowledge continues to expand. I soon discover
that I am a boy not a girl. My booties are blue not pink. My father tells me I will
grow up to be like him. To do that I will have to attend classes like he did.
When the Student is Ready the Teacher Arrives
Our world is like a giant classroom where we are all required to take classes.
Some classes we get to choose. When the choice is ours we take all the easy
classes, the ones that give us the most pleasure.
On other occasions, someone else sets the curriculum. Then we only get to
choose how we will work within the curriculum. This makes the learning
experience difficult. These are classes that we do not want to attend. While we
must attend the class, we can refuse to learn. We can fight against the experience
and the teacher; however, if we choose to do that, another teacher will present
the same lesson to us at another time in another place.
If you are still making the same mistakes you were twenty years ago it is time to
learn the lesson. Until you have learned the lesson you cannot move forward.
You are like a broken record stuck in a rut. Remember, the school door is always
open because learning does not end.
Our Great Teachers
You first learn lessons as a son or a daughter. As a son or daughter you are in a
subservient role and must conform to the demands made of you by your parents.
As an adolescent this is most difficult, but there are lessons to be learned.
Eventually your role changes to where you become a mother or father.
As a parent your role will be to teach your children. In this process something
happens, you find that your children are teaching you. The greatest teachers we
will ever have are our children or those closest to us. They will teach us lessons
that others cannot. They have been chosen as your teachers because you are less
likely to be able to avoid them. You have to deal with whatever lessons they
present to you.
If you do not like the lessons that others are teaching you, then you do not have
to stay in their presence, you simply leave. There are no emotional ties so it is
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