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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
The tree that needs two arms to span its girth sprang from the tiniest shoot.
Yon tower, nine storeys high, rose from a little mound of earth.
A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step.
There is a Process
As life unfolds we are exposed to opportunities where growth will be
experienced. As newborn babies we are programmed to suck, this is what keeps
us alive. No other baby taught us how to do this. It is just the way it is. This is
Genetically I am programmed to act and to do things a certain way, like the birds
in morning and evening are programmed to all start chirping together.
As children we are always learning. We look to our mother and father, and our
society, to socialize us in a certain way. The way I act is encouraged by positive
or negative responses. I know who I am because of my relationship with my
mother and father. My life is developed through a series of stages.
At an early stage if a toy is taken from my hands and placed under my pillow I
do not look for it because to me it no longer exists. It is not until the next stage of
my development that I realize it has gone and I begin to search for it. I find it and
everybody claps because I am so clever.
My world consists of a bassinet then I move on to much greater things – a cot.
Wow! Now I am getting bigger. Eventually I realize there is more to my world
than a cot. I climb out of it to explore the other worlds within the house, a room
where water runs free, and a room where my bottle and food are prepared. Yet
there is another room filled with music, and coloured pictures that move in a box.
This is a wonderful world. Now I see my brothers and sisters going out the door.
What is out there? Is there another world? If so, I want to see it. When the door is
left open, I crawl out and see all this brown stuff. It looks interesting and there is
so much of it. I am going to eat some.
Copyright © Dennis R Curyer, 2003
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