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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
Right at that moment two girls came into the post office asking if anybody had
seen their shoebox. After they took their shoes and left, those remaining in the
post office breathed a sigh of relief.
Although it was only a small box, if it had contained a bomb, the damage and
destruction it would have inflicted upon the building and the lives of the people
would have been immense, as we have all witnessed with the Bali bombing of
The Keys
I was running late for an appointment. I grabbed my keys and my study door
locked behind me. I looked at the keys I held in my hand. They were not the keys
to my study. I had picked up another set of keys. I was locked out of my world, a
world that contained thousands of books, hundreds of videos and audios,
volumes of photos, thousands of colour slides from all over the world, filing
cabinets full of stories, quotes and writings, books of personal correspondence
and genealogical records and my computer that gave me access to the world.
In that split second my focus was lost and I had created a problem that I had to
solve. I could smash a window, but the cost to replace it and the mess to clean up
was too expensive in both time and money.
I called the locksmith. He arrived and, with a little piece of metal in his hand,
manipulated the lock. In a few minutes the world that I had been shut out of was
once again open. Just that little piece of metal, about the size of a match, was
able to provide access to my world.
A philosopher said it this way:
The difficult things in this world must once have been easy; the great things in
this world must once have been small.
Set about difficult things while they are still easy; do great things while they are
still small.
The sage never affects to do anything great and, therefore, he is able to achieve
his great results.
Copyright © Dennis R Curyer, 2003
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