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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
Coleridge put it, “The universe of which we are conscious is but merely a mass
of little things.”
The small things can be just as important as large things:
The tongue, one of the smallest members of the body, has such great capacity for
its size. With a few words it can exalt or debase.
A speck of dust in the eye can be disabling.
The rudder on a ship, although very small in size, has the capacity to change the
direction of the world’s largest ships.
One extra chromosome, so small it cannot be seen by the natural eye, can change
the physical appearance and the intellectual capacity of a person.
Emerson reminds us, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”
In life it is the attention to small things that enables us to enjoy the large things.
Do not ever underestimate the value of paying attention to, or focusing on, the
small things in life. Out of that which is small comes that which is great.
A gentleman commented to Michelangelo, “I cannot see that you have made any
progress since my last visit.”
“But,” said the sculptor, “I have retouched these parts, polished that, softened
that feature, brought out that muscle, given some expression to the lip, more
energy to that limb, etc.” “But they are trifles!” exclaimed the visitor. “It may be
so,” replied the great artist, “but trifles make perfection and perfection is no
It Was Only a Shoebox
In 1981 my family and I were living in Jerusalem. A few times each week I
would go to the post office.
On one particular day, as I reached the counter, there was a small shoebox sitting
on it. The guard was trying to find out who owned it. This shoebox became very
important when the owner could not be found. People were now motivated to get
out of the post office in case there was a bomb in it.
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