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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
that you do not know whether you will ever see him again as you have no contact
Your disappointment goes from sadness and frustration, into bitterness and
anger. Why did he have to leave and why did he not tell you? It is not so much
that he is gone, but it is because you do not know where he has gone.
At this point the conductor comes down the aisle to your seat with a message
from your friend. The message is very simple but it changes night into day and
bitterness into joy. He tells you that your friend was indeed going to the same
place as you. He was on his way to see his father. During the night the conductor
received an emergency message that instructed your friend to get off the train at
the next stop and catch a plane so that he could arrive home quickly, because his
father needed him. The conductor leaves you a phone number so that you can
contact your friend as soon as you arrive.
This simple message given by the conductor turns your frustration into peace.
You are still sorry to miss the two days of discussion you had anticipated, but
your sorrow is no longer bitter or blind, rather it is sweet with the knowledge of
where he is, and the assurance that you will see him again.
Of course you have anticipated the ideas in this story. We are all on the train
journeying together, getting on and off the train at different times and different
locations, and meeting all kinds of people along the way.
Our final destination is when we reach the end. There we meet others who went
before us. Sometimes the getting off appears to be premature but knowing the
reasons why calms the troubled spirit. For death is about getting off, going from
one room into another.
If you are one of those who believe death is the end of life and there is nothing
beyond the grave, then you had better live life to the max, because you will be a
long time dead.
Small Things Do Count
Keeping the big picture in mind is an important aspect of life. To have an overall
view of the whole is essential in understanding what life is all about. In doing
this we should not forget that the whole is made up of many smaller parts. As
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