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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
If we come to know that life is longer than seventy or eighty years, and that life
began before birth and will extend beyond death, then this knowledge will
influence the way we live life. It will also give us a view of eternity.
Crossing Over
There is a thought-provoking story that I have adapted from a book called, ‘The
Birth We Call Death’ by Paul H. Dunn and Richard M. Eyre.
Imagine for a moment that you are about to cross Australia by train. You get on
board in Sydney and your destination is Perth. As the train leaves Sydney, almost
as if it was good luck, you are sitting next to a really nice person who is making
the same journey that you are. As the trip normally takes almost four days, you
begin a serious attempt to get to know each other.
After some talking you are surprised to find that you have many things in
common. By the time the train moves into the night you feel that the person you
are beginning to know may become more important than the journey.
After a sound night’s sleep you rejoin your friend and you spend another day
relating to each other and experiencing the journey together. Your rapport grows
still stronger and you find yourself feeling a little sorry that the day passes so
By the second night your train is deep into the parched plains and as you fall
asleep you are thinking about the things you want to find out about your friend
the next day.
In the morning you return to your seat and find, to your dismay, your friend is
not there. You think to yourself, “That’s funny, I wonder where my friend is?”
When you inquire, a passenger tells you that he got off during the night. “Got off
during the night?” you ask. “But he had a destination very near to mine.”
You feel disappointment as you had planned on having the next two days
together as there was so much more to say! Suddenly you realize that you really
did not find out where he came from or who he really was. You never did learn
why he was on the train or exactly where he was going. Worst of all, you realize
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