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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
we paid elsewhere. By the time we are born, this talent and knowledge may have
already been spiritually stamped into our genes.
Physical birth is merely an act of nature. Biologically we are born a certain way.
At this level we resemble our parents, even more so as we get older. What is
worth thinking about is this, “Is there a spiritual imprint upon the biological
If we assume that there was life before we came screaming from the womb, as
Socrates and others believed, then we must ponder the question, “Who were our
parents at a spiritual level?” If this can be discovered then it will reveal to us
certain things about our spiritual nature: why we act the way we do, over and
beyond our biological makeup and whatever else we have been taught.
Discovering this knowledge gives us a higher understanding of our nature,
identity, purpose, and destiny. It is then we understand that our role is not to eat
off the crumbs that fall from the table.
Spiritual Genetics
At a physical level we all multiply in our own species. Human beings reproduce
human beings, animals reproduce animals, and plant life reproduces plant life.
At a spiritual level, could we be the offspring or children of a spiritual creator?
This creator has been given many names. ‘God’ is the most common. For Jews it
is ‘ha-Shem’ or ‘Adonai’. For Muslims it is ‘Allah’. For members of Alcoholics
Anonymous it is a power greater than themselves. Whatever we deem the power
to be, we are the children of that power. We are like rays coming from the sun,
sprigs of divinity.
We recognize in this world that all children have parents or creators. Each son
and daughter has a mother and father. Is this pattern copied from a higher source,
a shadow of our former existence? If so, then we have spiritual progenitors as
well as physical progenitors. One creates our spirit, soul and essence, the eternal
aspect of our being, while the other creates our physical body, the temporary
aspect of our being.
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