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What this concept does is offer another explanation about certain aspects of life.
This provides a reason why each person has a range of talents and abilities
beyond and different from others.
Parents of average intelligence may produce one child who is brilliant and
another who is average. We would question, “How can this be?” You would
have to ask why it is that one child is born with a brilliant intellect while the
other stands in the shadows. It is the brilliant child who receives all the
recognition, acclamations, and opportunities. Where is the justice, mercy and
love, to favor one above another, to give one person many gifts and talents and to
another, few?
If your explanation is that this is an aberration, i.e. a deviation from what is
normal, or a biological trick of nature, then you would have to believe, or at least
conclude, that life is accidental and unjust. If your parents were great musicians
like the parents of Mozart then it would seem to be a fair conclusion that you
inherited your gift through your parents’ genes.
This does not explain the source of your gift if neither of your parents is
musically inclined. A biological aberration would seem to be a better
explanation. However, if life did not start at birth and this life is a continuation of
a former existence we could then conclude that the station in which we find
ourselves in this life was the station that we left from in a former existence.
Imagine it this way; the birth of the day is the morning when we arise refreshed.
During the day we work hard but, by nightfall, there are things we have
advanced in but not completed. The death of the day is night when we lie down
to sleep. Whatever was not completed that day we commence it again the next
morning, not at its beginning but at the point we finished previously.
The biological aspect is that our parents provided the appropriate body and
environment for us to continue and develop what we had worked on “yesterday”.
This is justice. We are being rewarded for our level of excellence, the price that
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