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He was treated very poorly in these so-called Christian boys’ homes. He told me
once how he was so hungry that he and some other boys climbed the back fence
into the orchard and ate some green apples. They were caught and punished by
being locked in their rooms. These green apples brought on dysentery but they
were not allowed out of their rooms to go to the toilet. The situation was a mess
in more ways than one. This, and other experiences in these homes, shaped my
father’s attitude towards religion.
My father could never work out why he and his brother were placed in homes
when there were plenty of other boys who lost their fathers in the war and they
were not put in homes. He told me that there would be times that his mother
would arrange to take him and his brother on weekend outings. They would all
be dressed up and waiting but she would not show up. This feeling of rejection
and of not being loved, as he perceived it, developed in him feelings of
inferiority and insecurity.
He told me drinking took away those feelings. He felt equal to others when he
had been drinking. This was important information for me to understand about
my father’s background and, although it did not condone his behavior, I could at
least understand the issues that brought him to that point in his life.
Understanding my father has helped me in understanding who I am.
In the Middle East a boy carries the name of his father. Your name might be
David ben Jacob or Mohammed ibn Ali. The ben and the ibn identify you as the
son of Jacob or Ali. If you are being introduced, the person you are being
introduced to does not want to know who you are, they want to know who your
father is. By knowing who your father is they get an understanding of who you
His First Parents
My oldest son is adopted. We chose him when he was two weeks old. We taught
him that he was adopted as soon as he was able to understand. We made no
distinction between him and his other brother and sisters. We always told him
that if he ever wanted to know who his biological parents were we would help
him find them.
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