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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
modern man was illustrated in the garb of the day. These murals carried the mind
back into the past and forward through generations of time.
Something of significance was revealed as one gazed upon and admired the
painter’s skill. All of these people had one thing in common. They had no eyes.
They were blind to the mysteries and purposes of life. They were the
sleepwalkers or the living dead. They lived their whole lives without knowing
who they really were and what the purpose of life was.
This concept is understood within most of the great spiritual movements of the
world. To have one’s eyes opened is to be enlightened. The word “Buddha”
literally means “one who is enlightened”. What does it mean to be enlightened?
Enlightenment means that one has been given knowledge of a different order. In
using knowledge in this context, I am not talking about information.
It reminds one, of the small Russian dolls that can be purchased anywhere. As
you open the lid of one of these dolls there are a series of smaller dolls within.
You have to remove one to get to the next. Finally you reach the smallest or the
innermost one. You can only reach this one by removing the other dolls
surrounding it. The first thing you have to know is that there are others within.
This can be likened to the gradations or levels of knowledge. The process of
learning is difficult and gradual.
Professor Lewes in his ‘Biographical History of Philosophy’ taught:
“To aspire to the knowledge of more than phenomena, their resemblances and
successions, is to aspire to transcend the limitations of human faculties. To know
more we must be more.”
Know Thyself
Self-knowledge is the most important knowledge one can gain. It grows out of
self-searching, contemplation, meditation, observation, and reflection.
You may have already reached a point in your life when you have asked the
question “Who am I?”
The beginning of knowledge is to know who we are. We must get this right to
begin with, as this is the foundation or cornerstone upon which we build. The
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