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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
To Reason is Divine
What makes us different from all other creations is that we have the ability to
reason, the capacity to think things through.
Seneca said, “Reason is nothing else but a portion of the divine spirit set in a
human body”.
Reason allows us to make informed choices based on what is real. Reason is the
enemy of desire; therefore, desire will do every thing within its power to subdue
reason. For life to have meaning we must allow reason to play its role. If not,
desire takes over and conquers all with a passion that can be a curse or,
according to the English proverb, “A man without reason is a beast in season”.
On most occasions reason and desire are at war. You must decide who will be
the victor. We have been given the freedom to choose how we will live or, to use
an American term; it is our ‘inalienable right’, one that comes with us at birth. It
is easier to choose once we have worked out what our purpose is or the ‘why’ of
life. Once we know ‘why’ then we can work out ‘how’.
Some people seem to find a purpose without difficulty. This may be because of
who their parents are or what country they are born in. For others it is a talent or
gift that may dictate their direction. The talent is the call, or so it seems. The age
one is born into will provide different opportunities and challenges.
Some know from a very early age what they have to do in life. For example,
Mozart played the harpsichord at the age of three, composed at four, and went on
tour at the age of six. Haydn played and composed at the age of six.
Mendelssohn was playing and composing when he was nine.
In contrast, others never seem to discover their purpose. Sometimes we are like
the man who goes in search of a light while holding a lantern. “We look too high
for things close by.”
We have control over most things in our life and this is the way it should be. We
are the architects of our own destiny. It is also true that there are things over
which we have little or no control. You have no control over how you look. The
sixteenth President of The United States, Abraham Lincoln, was not the most
handsome man. He knew this but still saw the humorous side of it. In a debate,
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