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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
There is a grand design for our existence and we do have control over much of
what we do, therefore make a decision to live life with excitement and energy
and join the maxers.
The Fifth Child
Let me share with you an experience from my own life to make this point. You
may think it was an accident, many have. However, for my family and me, it was
not an accident but part of the grand design. It was an experience that was
necessary for us to have.
It was about 2.30 pm, 26 October 1978. I was driving to the Burwood Private
Hospital. I had been informed that my wife, Yvonne, was now in labor. I was in
a reflective mood due to Yvonne’s difficult pregnancy but I still felt that all
would be well. It was my wife’s birthday and she was being induced.
At 3:05 pm Bonnie Jo was born. I immediately detected features different from
our other children, more noticeable almond-shaped eyes and a moon-shaped
face. My wife was informed that she had a little girl as the nurse began to clean
her up. My wife was then sedated and I left the hospital.
Arriving home I rang our doctor whose first words to me were, “I think we have
a problem”. He was letting me down gently. I already knew that Bonnie Jo was
born with an extra chromosome - she was a Mongol. In those days this was the
name that these children had been labelled with. Down’s Syndrome has now
replaced this word. Early that evening I conveyed the news to my wife who was
tearful but accepting of our new situation. We explained to our children that out
of all the children in the world, few would have such a remarkable experience of
having a Down’s Syndrome brother or sister. A few days later it was confirmed
that Bonnie’s life expectancy was reduced because her heart was malformed. She
had bi-directional shunting.
Well! Some may conclude that this event was an accident caused by one extra
chromosome. No doubt the extra chromosome made the difference; but, for my
family and me, we have viewed this experience as a part of the grand design.
These are fundamental questions that we all need to think about. Our conclusions
will impact on the way we live. You may choose to be the victim of any situation
or you may choose to be the blessed.
Copyright © Dennis R Curyer, 2003
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