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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
If one gets behind everybody gets behind. You were supposed to move into your
new home by Christmas. It did not happen until February. The action of one
affects all. Does it stop there? Of course not, future projects will be affected and
dates for completion will be moved back.
Everybody is needed and each plays a vital role in the experience we call life.
We are all at different levels of our development. Some of us are seedlings,
others grand oak trees, but every level is needed. We should remember that the
grand oak tree was once a seedling. Therefore, to be in harmony with all, you
must allow all to be at the level they are at. You cannot take a seedling and
expect it to act like a grand oak tree. It is just not possible. It has to go through
the growing process. There is no other way. The role of each oak is to assist the
seedling through the process. I should quickly add, only if the seedling wants to
be assisted.
Wherever we are and whoever we are, the purpose of our life is to rise to the
measure of our creation. This is the great challenge of life, to understand our role
and our purpose. It is only by fulfilling this that we experience what Joseph
Campbell and others have called our ‘bliss’.
The Grand Design
It seems to me that we can view life in at least two ways. Firstly there is a grand
design to our creation and we play an important role in this design. If so, no other
person can fulfill our role. Every thing and every person has a place and a
purpose. This is what makes us unique amongst all of creation.
An alternative theory is that life is a series of accidents. Things happen randomly
without rhyme or reason. Where you are positioned is the luck of the draw. It is
either good luck or bad luck. You do not have any control over life. You just
wait for the next accident to occur.
The word ‘accident’ had to have been invented by someone who could not
explain or understand why a certain thing occurred. Accidents never just happen,
they are caused. If you do not know the cause of an event or were not expecting
it to happen then you label it an accident or a coincidence. Life takes on a new
meaning when we come to know that there are no accidents, only experiences.
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