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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
unique and cannot be duplicated. In this, I am not referring to the body, only to
the spirit, soul, or the essence of a person.
Nature and Environment
The great debate that has taken place for many years among psychologists and
others interested in human behavior is that of ‘nature versus nurture’. Or, in other
words, “Are we born a certain way or does our environment determine what we
The answer to this question helps to explain the motivation behind human
The middle ground is that nature and nurture influence behavior. On the one
hand we are genetically predisposed to act a certain way. On the other hand our
environment will set the stage for the play. For example, one person may eat
without restraint and never put on weight, while another person will put on
weight just by looking at food. The latter is genetically predisposed to putting on
weight; however, this does not mean they have no choice in the matter. People
like that can decide to be moderate in their eating habits (oh, but the food looks
so good!) It is much harder for them because of their genetic make-up, but it is
not impossible. A level of discipline is required to achieve this.
You might conclude that this is unfair. Why should skinny people be able to eat
whatever they like and you cannot? The fairness is that skinny people have other
predispositions that they are struggling with, things you do not have to worry
about. We all have predispositions in some form. Life always sees that we have
problems to work through.
The real issue is to what degree genetics and environment influence our
behavior. This has not been satisfactorily answered.
The Eagle School
In business the example is often used of the eagle school. If you send a duck
along to the eagle school for an intensive training course, will the duck graduate
as an eagle? There are those who believe in the affirmative while others, the
negative. In my opinion the duck will never become an eagle, no matter how
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