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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
Competition in Life
We live in a very competitive world. Everybody seems to be competing with
someone at some level. Each week we spend hours playing or watching others
compete in sporting activities all over the world. We cannot help being
impressed by the level of excellence that these people achieve.
In sport and business, competition encourages excellence in performance. Where
there is no competition, improvement in performance is less likely. We have
lived through an era where governments have held monopolies in business. With
no competition from free enterprise, services deteriorate. Monopolies create
sloppy business practices, less innovation and higher prices. Business performs
better with competition. Costs and prices decrease. Some level of competition is
necessary in all aspects of life.
The following story makes this point.
As two friends are hiking in the forest they encounter a huge, ferocious and
obviously hungry Grizzly Bear. Its next meal has just come into sight, and they
are it! The first friend calculates that the bear will overtake them in 27.3 seconds.
At that point, she panics; realizing there is no escape. She faces her friend, with
the fear of death in her eyes. To her amazement, she observes that her friend is
not scared at all. To the contrary, her friend is quickly but calmly taking off her
hiking boots and putting on jogging shoes. “What do you think you’re doing?”
the first hiker says to her companion, “You’ll never be able to outrun that
grizzly.” “That’s true,” says the companion, “but all I have to do is outrun you.”
We all compete when the motivation is strong enough. However, competition is
not the real purpose of life. Fulfilling the measure of our creation can only be
achieved individually. We are not in competition with any other person, so we do
not have to compare ourselves with others. We do not have to become
discouraged because we think that someone else is better than we are in a
particular area. The essence of our being is equal to that of any other person.
There is only one person that can fulfill our role and that is us. This means that
others cannot beat us to the finish line because there is no race. This is not to say
that others do not have a similar role to us, but it is never the same. This is
important to understand if we are going to enjoy life. Every human being is
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