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7 Ways to Live Life to the MAX
1. Maxers Know the Big Picture While
Not Ignoring The Small One
Live to Fulfill the Measure of Your Creation
bservation tells us that we live in a well-ordered universe. Each day the
sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Its rays give light and warmth to
all the creatures of this earth. At the end of the day, night arrives. This
twenty-four hour cycle never ceases. One season follows another. Spring is
always followed by summer; summer is always followed by autumn, etc. This
course is unchangeable.
All vegetation and animal life fulfill the measure of their creation. When I stand
in my vegetable garden I know I will not find cabbages hanging from the tomato
plants, only tomatoes. The tomato bush must fulfill the measure of its creation in
producing an abundance of beautiful red tomatoes. It is doing what all tomato
bushes do. It is doing what its ancestors have done for generations.
Have you noticed when sunrise and sunset approaches, there is a chorus of birds
that chirp and sing? They cannot avoid this. Nature, if you like, has programmed
this into them and they must fulfill the measure of their creation. If we can
observe order and beauty in the creation of nature, then should we not consider
the order and beauty of our creation, the greatest of all the species?
We, like nature, also have to fulfill the measure of our creation. In doing this we
experience true happiness because we are living at the most ethical and
productive level. For each of us the measure will be different according to the
role we have to play.
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