7 Tips to Make Crazy Money in Photography HTML version

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No matter what kind of photography you want to get into, if you don't have some
samples of your work online, you will be shutting out what could be a huge
portion of your income.
So how do I get those pictures online?
Well you have two options:
1. Get your own website
2. Use existing websites for free
There are a lot of advantages to having your own website. No matter
which option you pick, you will eventually want your own website. This helps
with the branding process and gaining brand recognition too. Get your own
name as the domain name i.e. “yourname.com” or you can be a little more
Even with absolutely no HTML or web design experience I was able to set up a
website using the free software called Wordpress. If you can use a word
processor you can build a site.
First you need a webhost. I recommend Hostgator. Check them out here. They
are the cheapest around with amazing customer support if you ever need help.
Using their cpanel you can install Wordpress with a couple clicks of the mouse.
Then just find a nice free Wordpress theme and you are ready to let the world
see your photos.
Not ready to build a website yet?
Here are some ways you can use some free websites online to show off
your pictures and your portfolio:
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