7 Tips to Make Crazy Money in Photography HTML version

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There are many different ways to make money with your camera. The key is to
start with one particular kind of photography that works best for you and stick
with it. I will be highlighting some of the best known ways to make a lot of
money with digital photography, so if you love photography like I do, I am sure
your mind will be spinning with ideas after you are done with this book.
In this ebook I will be giving 7 tips on how to bring in the money with your
camera. These tips are by no means exhaustive and that's why I am writing
another ebook that will have all the juicy details of how to make it big with this
business. So sit back, and enjoy as you learn how to hit it big with your passion
of photography. Don't you just love the thought of getting paid for something
you love to do!
Tip #1: Get As Many People as Possible to See Your
Get those millions to see your pictures instead of just thousands or just your
circle of friends.
Exposure is crucial. Not only will having more people see your pictures help you
make more money, but it's also good for branding.
If people begin to see your pictures in more than one place they will begin to see
that you are a big name photographer. Suddenly, the demand for your pictures
will go up and people will be willing to spend more to have your images.
Years ago it would be tough to get a huge amount of people to see your pictures
if you were just starting out, but with the internet it's not only possible, but it
should be one of your main priorities to make your pictures viewable online.
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