7 Tips to Creating a Sizzling Sensual Massage Experience HTML version

3. Talk for Goodness Sake!
Communication is also very important when you are giving a sensual massage.
You should be open to hear what may be getting in the way of your partner’s
comfort. As well, requests to go to the bathroom, a harder or lighter tough, or for
the heat to be turned up should be expressed.
It is important that the
person you are massaging is
feeling comfortable, and
listening to what they ask
shows that you are paying
attention to their feelings,
and that will create a greater
sense of pleasure for the
person who is receiving the
Talking about what is going to be done in the massage will put everyone at ease.
This will help the experience to become more fulfilling and relaxing, which will
make everyone a lot happier with what is being done.
A word of caution : Avoid discussing problems, work, kids, the outlaws, or the
taxes. This is ‘us’ time, so keep it light, friendly, fun and relaxed. Use the
occasion to pamper your beloved with touch and compliments. Tell them what
you love about them, their body, their touch.
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