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2. The Location, Location, Location

They say in business, that it is all about location, location, location. Well, the same is true during a sensual massage. You want to make sure that the sensual massage location is perfect for a relaxing environment. Most people do not have massage tables and this means that you will have to find an alternative location for the massage.


There are plenty of places that will work in the house, including the bed and the couch, but you can also use the floor. As long as everyone is comfortable and there is nothing digging into them during the massage, you should have no problem finding a great location.

If your intimate life needs a kick start then I would advise not going anywhere near the bedroom! Change the record. Add some fun and novelty in

your life – why not try out the living room, guest room, or even better : a hotel room.

Another great location is outside. This does not mean in a park, but on your own property where you can be free of prying eyes. Something like along the pool, on the lawn (with a blanket) or even in a lounge chair will work great. Make sure that you do this at night, and make sure you are somewhere private unless you want someone wondering why there are candles in the yard.