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The Accessories

There are many items you can have to make the sensual massage just a bit more sensual. These
are items like candles,
lotions and more. The
candles and lotions will
work great to create a
relaxing atmosphere
that will have the two
of you enjoying the
peaceful and sensual


Another tip is to put on some soft and relaxing music in the background. Nothing seems to relax us more than being able to listen to relaxing music. When the very air around us is filled with scented smells and wonderful and relaxing music, we feel better about the situation and we have a greater ability to relax in the new environment. Try and find some music that uses soft tones and is very quiet. You won’t be able to relax when you have Thrash Metal in the background, so having some quiet soft music is perfect.
Another idea for the music is to have something like rainforest sounds. We evolved from the forest and the wild, so for us it is very calming to be able to listen to those sounds in a relaxing environment like a sensual massage. Just be careful to choose something that is not too loud. Birds chirping, rolling waves, the soft wind are all good bets for sounds you want during the sensual massage.