7 Tips to Creating a Sizzling Sensual Massage Experience HTML version

1. Taking the Time to Create Your
Erotic Atmosphere
When you decide to perform a sensual massage, you need to begin with the
preliminaries of the massage.
These come in the forms of the
set and setting, lubrication and
Set And Setting
First, you need to turn off all the
phones in your home. You do
not want any disturbances when
you are trying to relax with a
sensual massage. Then, turn
out the lights and light the
candles or soft lamps. It would
also help to burn some incense
and turn the heat up so that you
are not too cold when you are
lying around naked.
Put a blanket or sheet over where the massage will be, whether it is a massage
table or the floor, and make sure you have the oils and lubricants nearby. If you
want to create a nice setting, you can have fake fur and feathers that can be
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