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Overall, these tips will help you have a very enjoyable experience with your sensual massage. You will be able to create a very relaxing environment for your partner and yourself that will literally help the pain and stress of the day wash away during the sensual massage. You will feel relaxed, happy and free during your sensual massage and there is really nothing better than that.
Just remember the main


points of the sensual massage:

• Taking the Time to Create Your Erotic Atmosphere
• Location is very important with the massage, make sure it is in a comfortable place.
• Communicate and keep in contact
• Never rush the massage. Slow is always better.
• Find the right massage oil for you.
• Sharing is key in a sensual massage, so be sure to alternate.
• When thinking of what to wear, less is always more.

That is all there is to a sensual massage. So enjoy!