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7. What You Wear – or not as the case may be!

Surprisingly, people do wonder what they should wear during a sensual massage. Well, the truth is that less is definitely more here when you are massaging someone, or receiving the massage yourself. Try and wear something that is very loose and comfortable and can be removed if need be. Even a towel or robe will work for this. You always want to make sure what you wear is going to be okay with getting oils on it since you will be massaging with them, and receiving your massage with them.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with being naked during the sensual massage. It is supposed to be sensual after all.

As will most things in life – go with what your comfortable with! Whether it’s a gown, lingerie, t-shirt, just make sure you can move freely, and that you look reasonably attractive, and smell nice!

Believe me : it all adds to the experience!