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Try A Bubble Bath Or Shower

If you really want to relax before the massage, why not have a bubble bath or shower before hand, and you can do this with two people. It will allow your body to relax before you get to the massage, which will help you already be in the state of mind that you need to be for the massage.

In Roman and Greek times, people would sit in the large public baths to relax


before they went for a massage. They did this because the muscles would be relaxed then and that would allow them to enjoy the massage that much more. Some find that massages can hurt them because the masseuse needs to push on the muscles to relax them. With a bubble bath or shower, you ensure that you won’t have to worry about doing that because the muscles will be relaxed. This will also help keep the sensual experience going, without any ‘Ow that hurts!’ coming from the receiver when you massage their body.

50 % of women want to remain in a state of arousal for a long period of time