7 Tips to Creating a Sizzling Sensual Massage Experience HTML version

5. The Massage Oil
This is a very important part of the massage. The oil is what will relax the skin
and make the receiver feel relaxed. You will want to warm the oil up slightly
because this will help relax the muscles, and the receiver won’t have the shock of
cold oil hitting their skin, which again can take them away from the relaxing
experience of the massage.
You can warm the massage oil up in two ways; your hands
or the microwave. With your hands, just hold the massage
oil in between your palms and you will find that the massage
oil will warm to a relaxing temperature.
If you want to do things quicker, then you can just use the
microwave. However, be very careful with this because if
you warm it up too much, then your relaxing sensual
massage evening could turn into a trip to the burn ward.
You should also only use enough oil to cover the palms of your hands without it
dripping. Having too much oil will just make a sloppy mess. You want things to be
sensual and relaxing, not looking like a Sloppy Joe. There are plenty of things
you can do to make the experience something to remember, and having just
enough oil, and just the right temperature is a great start.
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