7 Tips to Creating a Sizzling Sensual Massage Experience HTML version

4. Take Your Time and Explore The
Giving a sensual massage must be relaxing. That is the entire point !
You need to be able to relax to the point that your body can begin recharging ,
dealing with stress and moving on to a unity between itself, and the mind.
Never Rush
We rush through our lives every single day. We rush to work, we rush through
work, we rush home from work. Our lives seem to be non-stop go-go-go.
However, when you are taking part in a sensual
massage, rushing should be the furthest thing from
your mind. If you are in the role as the receiver of the
massage, then you need to be able to put away all
the worries you had in your head, let your
responsibilities wash away and just relax. Feel good
about the entire situation and let the wonderful
feelings of the sensual massage wash over you.
If you are giving the massage, you should take your
time. Allow your hands to wash over the receiver, giving them wonderful feelings
of ecstacy from the slow movements of your hands along their skin. The most
important thing you can do here is take it slow. Do not rush anything, doing so
will only result in a feeling of stress and unease for the receiver.
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