7 Steps to Instant Viral Income Online HTML version

How do you avoid wasting your time? Well, that's why I am here. We are not just going
to tell you, but actually SHOW you how to implement these traffic-generating methods.
More Traffic = More Money, but...More Viral Traffic = EVEN MORE MONEY!
Increased Traffic = Increased Money
No matter how you intend to generate money from the Internet, you will need to
generate traffic. Without traffic, your results will be considerably less than what you
need for success. Traffic generation can seem like a very confusing topic, particularly if
you are new to online moneymaking. However, it can be quite simple when you know
how to go about it.
Why do you need to increase the traffic flow to your website, blog or affiliate link?
Simply put, without a high flow of traffic, you will not bring in the income required to
make your efforts worthwhile. No traffic equates to no money. However, increased
traffic equates directly to more money.
How does this work, though? How does generating traffic actually boost your income?
This is pretty simple to understand. If it helps, think of your online presence, be it a
website, a blog or what have you, as a brick and mortar store.
Now, obviously, you need to get customers into that store. Without customers, you
have no income. You need to find a way to boost the number of people walking through
those front doors. You also need to make sure that you attract the right kinds of people.
For example, if you run a brick and mortar construction supply store, then you would
not want to attract the everyday person who had no interest in doing any construction
projects on their own. There is simply no benefit to this. You need specific traffic - you
need construction professionals, and homeowners interested in starting a DIY project.
You need targeted traffic, not just general traffic.
Targeted traffic is essential to ensuring you are successful in your online efforts. Simply
attracting notice is not sufficient. You need to attract people who want what you have to
offer, whether that's sporting goods, dog training advice, or any other affiliate program.
When you are able to generate higher traffic, you will benefit in several key ways,
Increased conversion ratio
Increased profitability
Increased visibility
Increased word of mouth advertising