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The Following Material is Based on Alexandra Fox's Bestselling
In mid-2010, the world was shocked when former US Vice-
President and environmental activist Al Gore and his wife Tipper
announced that, after 40 years of marriage, they were calling it
Recently, new tabloid stories surfaced about Al Gore’s sexual
relationship with his massage therapist, who is now demanding 1
million dollar to keep her silence. Well, ladies, here’s another way
to become a millionaire :)
Today, in response to this news story, I want to talk about how to
make a relationship last. You know, we spend so much time on
making a man fall in love with us. But what’s the use of it if we
can’t keep it for the long-run. It’s just as important, if not more
important, to nurture your relationship, once it gets off the ground.
Now, let’s talk about 7 little secrets to make your relationship last
Secret #1 - Don't Rely On Physical Attraction
I put this at #1 because it's the most basic secret we need to know,
and it comes into play even before the relationship starts out -- and
yet still too many of us still make the mistake of judging men by