7 Killer Strategies for Unlimited Traffic HTML version

2. Forum Marketing
Forum marketing is another excellent strategy for building a list of subscribers and sending tons of
traffic to your website.
Forum marketing is a highly underrated, but extremely effective strategy for building a list of
subscribers, driving highly-targeted traffic, and establishing yourself as an authority in your particular
Forums put you directly in front of your target market, making it a goldmine for driving thousands of
highly targeted visitors to your website.
But keep in mind here that the key to successful forum marketing is to become an active participant in
the community. Your first priority is to deliver lots of value. And that means posting highly valuable
content in the forums and helping people with their questions.
Once you’ve become a trusted member and delivered some great value in your posts, people will
naturally want to learn more about what you have to offer.
This is where your signature link comes in…
You’ll want to use your signature link to send people to your squeeze page where you can build your
list of subscribers.
Here’s an example of a good signature line:
“Find out how to get front-page Google Rankings in 24 hours with my FREE Google Domination
Video series… https://www.yoursqueezepagehere.com ”
The key here is to entice them with some sort of benefit to get them tocome to your website. Keep your
signature file short and to the point.You should only be promoting one page in your signature file.
Don’t confuse people with multiple options.
Also keep in mind that it’s the value of your post that drives people to look at your signature. If you
provide people with extraordinary value, then they will naturally want to check out more of your
So focus on providing value. One extremely valuable post is worth 10x
more than 20 average posts.
Here’s a list of the top Internet Marketing Forums: