7 Keys to Success HTML version

guru. "I followed the direction you indicated. And all I got was splatted!
No more of this pointing! Talk!"
Only then did the wise old guru speak, and what he said was this:
"Success IS that way. Just a little further on than splat!"
Translating your dream into an action plan and then constantly taking
actions, each and every day, that will move you in the direction of your
goal is what will get you there in the end. No matter how big your goal,
you can get there if you will keep your destination in mind and then
continually take actions that move you toward the goal.
When you meet an obstacle, as you inevitably will, persistence
determines what you will do; whether you will give up or keep going.
Persistence is what gets you back on your feet, dusted down and ready to
go again.
Persistence is what gets you past SPLAT!
The 7 Keys to Success
Will Edwards