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let it really sink in because it is true that you can have anything you want;
you can be anything you want to be; and you can do anything you want to
do. This may at first seem self-indulgent, but remember, your deepest
desires were implanted by God.
What does it mean: to commit yourself to your dream? To illustrate, let
me tell you a little about the story of Charles Lindbergh. You know, of
course who he was - he was the first person to fly the Atlantic solo - non-
stop all the way to Paris. An incredible feat which he eventually
accomplished in May 1927.
He used to dream of flying the Atlantic during his long-haul flights
delivering mail. Once he had imagined the possibility of being the first
person to do this, he completely committed himself to its achievement
overcoming all kinds of set-backs. He did not allow the negative opinions
of the doubters who surrounded him to influence his resolve.
When he was unable to purchase the single aircraft in existence that he
calculated would be capable of making that momentous journey, he had
his own airplane designed and built. He didn't have the money, but he got
a group of St Louis businessmen to sponsor him - that's why the plane
was called The Spirit of St Louis - now that's commitment!
Once you have your dream. you too need to demonstrate that kind of
resolve - and let me tell you plainly - you are capable of it!
It requires you to take actions that are congruent with your wishes in
order to translate them into reality, but the first step is to have that dream
- your own dream, not anyone else's ideas about what is best for you in
life - and then absolutely commit yourself to its achievement.
The 7 Keys to Success
Will Edwards