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Passion: strong, enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal
Passion: your heart's one true desire or the deepest desire of your heart
1. Commitment
2. An Open Mind
3. Persistence
4. Flexibility
5. Faith
6. Thankfulness
7. Passion
It is impossible to think about passion without reference to the heart.
Deep within your heart, there is a desire, the pursuit of which will bring
you all the happiness, success and fulfilment you really want. To find
your passion is to identify your own unique purpose in life; to live your
passion is to achieve the Deepest Desire of Your Heart.
You can achieve whatever you want. You can be the person you were
meant to be; and you can really live the life of your dreams. Those are
bold statements but they are true; and more and more people are
discovering this wonderful truth for themselves. But if this is indeed true,
then why is it that so many people - we think the figure is around 80% -
are pursuing jobs and careers they don't really care about?
For our parents and grand-parents, growing up in a world with
comparatively few opportunities, it is true to say that their lives were
consumed with the whole business of 'making a living' - looking after
what Abraham Maslow called their physiological and social needs. They
worked hard and never really enjoyed the luxury of considering what
might be termed the 'higher needs' of the human condition.
Many people in today's workplace are indeed seeking to reach higher and
often people think they have reached their peak when they have started to
meet their 'esteem' needs, that is, the basic human need for respect,
recognition and responsibility. For many people, this means pursuing an
interesting career; rather than just getting a job.
However, for very many people, there is still an inner emptiness. Often,
this emptiness is experienced more starkly when they have actually
The 7 Keys to Success
Will Edwards