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Faith: acceptance of principles which are not necessarily demonstrable
Faith: strong belief in something without proof or evidence
1. Commitment
2. An Open Mind
3. Persistence
4. Flexibility
5. Faith
6. Thankfulness
7. Passion
There will be many people who will tell you that you will never, or
simply cannot, achieve your dream. They are the 80% of people who
once had a dream but have now settled for something less. They are the
children who once stood in line at school, believing they would one-day
become pilots, doctors, actors, singers, ballerinas, missionaries, air-
hostesses and so on.
But their experience of life gradually ground them down; and their
dreams were reluctantly put away. Those dreams still live somewhere,
deep down within their hearts, but they no longer believe that they are
First, their parents worked on them: questioning their abilities, doubting
their chances and telling them that they once had the same dreams. Their
parents told them they needed to grow-up, be more responsible and life
would work out just great.
Then their teachers worked on them: saying that we all have such
ambitions, but in the real-world, you needed a trade, a job, a career - and
that life had so very few of these exciting opportunities. They ingrained
the attitude of the 'scarcity mentality' into their charges - rather than the
'abundance mentality'. They told these children that there just wasn't
enough good stuff to go around.
Finally, their friends worked on them as they also settled for the jobs on
offer, they questioned: what was so wrong with being a sales-person, a
The 7 Keys to Success
Will Edwards