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Ordering your Essential Oils :
If you would like to discover the other great oils and products Young Living has for you make
sure to check out their web site by going to :
Young Living essential oils are only available through their website. The ordering process is
very simple like most online stores. However unlike other online stores they give you the
opportunity to buy your oils at the wholesale price which is about 20% under the retail price!
"Now what's the catch?" you ask.
All you have to do to buy your products at the wholesale price is sign up as a distributor and
order a distributor kit with your first order, that's all. Once you have ordered your distributor
kit with your first order there is NO Obligation to do anything! You don't have to sell products
to anyone or sign people up or do any kind of marketing activity to keep your distributor
status. Pretty neat, don't you think?
Distributor kits are packed with great information about Young Living and educational
material and also have great products at discount prices so chances are you would have
ordered what they contain anyway. To find out more about the distributor kits follow this link
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding these great products or
regarding the best oils to use for a specific condition. I don’t have all the answers but I will
always do my best to help.
Thank you for your time and welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils.
Please feel free to share this document with any friends or family we can al benefit from the
use of these natural wonderful oils in our daily lives.
Join Young Living today