7 Days to Easy-Money: Get Paid to Write a Book HTML version

(Day Two) Developing the idea and expanding on it. Assessing the market.
Who needs this book? What's the competition for the book?
(Day Three) Writing the blurb. Outlining your book.
(Day Four) Researching your book proposal, and fleshing out your outline.
(Day Five) Writing a proposal query letter. Sending your query letters to
agents and publishers. (You send the queries while you're working on the
proposal. This helps you to gauge reaction to your work.)
(Day Six) Writing the proposal.
(Day Seven) Writing the sample chapter. Revising your proposal.
I'll be including a sample of a book proposal for you to look at, so you can see what
material the proposal contains. This proposal garnered an agent contract the first time
I sent it out. I'll also include other samples, so that you have plenty of templates from
which to construct your own proposal.
How to use this ebook
First, read through the book, to see what information it contains.
Next, work through the book, chapter by chapter. As you read each chapter, do
the tasks and the exercises in the order in which they appear. Doing them will help
you to write not just one, but many book proposals. Remember, the primary aim of
this book is to help you write your first book proposal and be well on the way to
selling it by the time you've worked your way through all the chapters.
It's vital that you concentrate on getting the words down on paper. As long as you
have something on paper you can fix it. As we work through the material, I'll be
encouraging you to work FAST and not think to much about what you're writing.
Thinking has no business in your first draft. Thinking comes later as you rewrite.