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book. It contains the title, an explanation of what the book's about, an outline of
chapters, a market and competition survey, and a sample chapter.
A book proposal functions in the same way as any business proposal does:
you're making an offer to someone you hope to do business with. It will be treated by
publishers in the same way that any business treats a proposal. A publisher will read
your proposal, assess its feasibility, cost it, and if it looks as if the publisher will make
money, the publisher will pay you to write the book. When you've sold your proposed
book to a publisher, your role doesn’t end with writing your book. You’re in
partnership with your publisher to ensure the book's success. If you do your part, both
you and your publisher will make money.
You and your publisher: a partnership
The publisher's business is selling books. The company acquires books which it hopes
will sell, and sell well. Your publisher is putting up the money to publish your book,
so you need to approach the project from his point of view as well as your own.
We haven’t got the space to go into great detail about the publishing business
here, but you need to know about "returns", because the challenge of returns makes
publishing different from other businesses. Publishers sell books on consignment.
Publishers ship books to bookshops, and if a book isn’t sold within a certain time
period, it's destroyed. The bookseller strips the cover from the book and sends the
cover to the publisher for a full credit. This is the "return". If a title doesn’t sell, the
publisher takes a beating. As you can imagine, publishers are no more keen to lose
money than you or I.
What does this mean to you as you write your book proposal? It means that
your proposal needs to emphasize the ways in which you, as the writer, will take
responsibility for the book's success.
You will try to ensure the success of your book by gauging the marketplace.
You will work out who the likely buyers of your book might be, and the reasons they
will have for paying good money for your book. You'll assess the competition for
your book. You'll work out ways in which you can promote your book, so that people
hear about it. You're in partnership with your publisher, and if you're prepared to take
responsibility for that role, the publisher will be much more likely to buy your