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Day Four: Research your book proposal, and flesh out
your book's outline
Day Four Tasks
Task One: Create your research plan
It's a good idea to create a research plan to guide you, both in writing your proposal,
and later in writing your book. Knowing that you can find all the information you
need is a confidence-builder.
Task Two: Create a chapter outline for your book
Write a chapter outline for your book proposal.
Research: How much do you need to know?
Remember that this is just a proposal, you're not writing the complete book.
Therefore, you may not need to do any research at all. You may have all the material
you need. If this is the case, you can go right on to fleshing out your outline.
If you need to gather material, then first you should develop a research plan.
This may take you an hour or two, but it's time well spent. You will use this plan first
to develop your proposal, and later when you’re writing your book. For your proposal,
you probably won’t need to go past # 6 in your plan to get all the information you
Your research plan
1. Develop a frame of reference, and write it down as a complete sentence, using no
more than 25 words. The shortest blurb you wrote should work well for this step.
2. Next, mind map or outline everything you need to research. This is to give you a
quick overview. It's a good idea to print this mind map out so that you can glance at it
as you work. You'll find that if you're online, or at the library, it's tempting to explore
other avenues. These avenues may well be productive, and you can explore them at