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Day Three: Write the blurb and outline your book
Day Three Tasks
Task One: Write at least three blurbs
Write at least three blurbs for your book: 200 words, 50 words, and 25 words. (See
the sample blurbs in this chapter.)
Task Two: Collect sample blurbs
Blurbs sell books. Everyone from the publisher who initially buys the proposal, to the
book store owner who stocks your book will decide whether they’re interested in your
book based on the blurb alone.
Become a connoisseur of blurbs. Start your own blurb collection. Each time
you see a blurb which you think is effective, copy it, and put it into your Blurb File.
Writing the blurb
The "blurb" is the back cover material for your book --- the selling points which will
get people to buy the book. If you write the blurb before you write an outline, you're
guaranteed not to wander off the track as you write your book.
I can’t emphasize the importance of your blurb enough. If you've been
thinking of skipping this section, please don't. Here are some reasons to write your
blurb first:
it keeps you focused on the theme of your book;
it makes writing the outline easier;
it makes selling your proposal easier;
it will assure your agent and editor that you know what you're doing,
and they'll feel comfortable working with you and handing over the